Alarming Situation Around Imran Khan's Office NA-244!

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Note: All these photos used are taken by me using POCO X3 NFC in the timeframe of 21 Nov 2021 to 28 Nov 2021 unless mentioned of a different date.


The Election office NA-244 of Imran Khan (The prime minister of Pakistan) is located on Block-19, Gulistan-e-johar, Karachi. On Google Map is in Maham Riser Karachi building.



Note: Both pictures were Captured on 27 May 2021

Before the construction of this office, the conditions of this road were even worse. We can clearly see that in the image above on 27 May 2021, Because of poor management of the Government the roads were damaged almost all over Karachi due to rainy weather for months even after the weather changed. The management did not fix it and we saw many causalities like the Foodpanda driver's bike falling into the hole. Moreover, we also saw a Rickshaw drive's mobile phone went into the hole that we personally helped find it. I still remember it was MOTO E4. We made a video documentation of the incident and reported it to officials. No actions were taken. In the picture above you can see that because of the same condition 2 animals' were dead in the electrical spark incident. None of the people got any money from the government to cover the losses.


After the construction of the office, we thought that now the condition of the road will be better and we will see fewer accidents on the same spot. As anybody can observe the material used here is of poor quality because of the corruption of officials and the workers did as they were told to do. This will result in more accidents in near future.


This place is near the office and in range of security cameras of Allied Bank and many others. After PTI won the election, we observed an increase in crime in this location. There were bank robberies went the police were standing right next to the spot and don't help the victim. On that day I cried a lot and worried about the next generations. We also observed Car batteries stolen and an increase in ratio because of the poor performance of the Government and the increase in inflation, causalities happened on the same spot.


All these cars parked there at least got their batteries stolen at some point. In the victims, my dad's vehicle's battery was stolen three times. This is alarming because it's close to the election office. On this road, we observed many political movements, but no one cared about this place. On the left side of the picture, you can see that people used to sit here. Because of the poverty level, the iron rods of the place where we sit to relax were stolen one by one. Because of load shedding in Pakistan, People who can't afford UPS and generators used to sit there. After this condition, theyy stared bringing their own chairs. Many of the Mobile Phone snatchings happened in this place.



Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf means Pakistan Movement for Justice. By the picture, you can clearly see what justice is served. We people of Pakistan are going through tough times. We are paying taxes on everything even then we are forced to pay income tax. The tax system needs a lot of improvements. We are paying so much and in response, we are getting this? I personally reported all the incidents discussed above to the officials through proper channels. We are being forced and being silenced by the officials. The press and media are free then why not report this till now? Why, not my videos, images, and reports got any conclusion. Why must I move around in circles? Where is Freedom? Where is Justice? Why must we Pakistanis suffer?

The biggest question is, is my life safe now?


Great work bro completely loved ur skills. Hopefully the government of Pakistan will do something about this in the future. I can just pray

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I guess there is corruption all over the world. same here in India too. Great reporting.

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