My first real PUD day, How a small little ignorant fish transformed into a slight bigger, slightly less ignorant fish

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I first started in HIVE a little over a month ago, I was a lonely, scared, confused little fish who was not sure what it was doing. I remember getting so confused when I could not post again due to an angry red box and something about RC ( I remember trying to work out why a remote control car was stopping me from posting!) This was despite me being very lucky to have a good invite host @knowhow92 who staked me some HIVE and pointed me in the right direction, even wrote me a nice introduction to Leo!

Luckily for me on my second confusing day a very friendly person dropped a comment suggesting I join a discord channel called Terminal, not knowing what I was about to embark on I went for it! While I went in with trepidation I was quickly and warmly welcomed and shown the ropes, both official and unofficial, of HIVE. For every question an avalanche of friendly, helpful answers and advice was given.

When I ran out of RC I had barely even hit send to ask for advice on how many blogs you could write before running out before a member of the community @kittygirl jumped in and delegated me enough RC to allow HIVE to keep up with my ideas, blogs and comments.

For every blog I did, Terminal advice was given from so many incredible different members on better writing, tagging, communities, it was truly amazing to see such freely given positive energy from what I would call strangers, except how can you call those who daily help, encourage, chat and pass you beer, LUV and Wine strangers ?

Ok so why write all this on a PUD post? On my second day the chat was filled with PUD comments and I learnt about this magical day of powering up your HIVE. Of course at this stage I don’t think I had even received any HIVE yet, so it all felt like a dream to ever have enough HIVE to powerup! However it did give me an idea, a target, dare I say it, a dream ?

Remember when I said the @kittygirl jumped in to keep me blogging? They delegated me 60 HIVE, which has been more than enough for me to blog and comment to my heart content, and I have seen them and others from the Terminal do it for countless other tiny fish to get them going. Despite my repeated attempts to give it back they have kindly let me keep it to continue doing what I do. What i really wanted to do was earn enough HIVE to sustain myself (60 HIVE) and give back this gift to be reused for the next little fish in need.

So what did this PUD get me? Besides a cool HIVE badge? It got me over the line of 60 HIVE in one month and let me hit my target!



So thanks Terminal and thanks HIVE for taking a small little ignorant fish and transforming it into a slight bigger, slightly less ignorant fish!

P.S I would be remiss not to mention my good friend @stayten who upon learning I was at 7 HIVE to power up sent me 3 more before I could blink so I could hit 10 on my first PUD!

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... !LUV ...!BEER
I'll be waiting to see you on the next level; ...Best wishes, Sharkie!
Have a super-dope day :)


Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 49 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

This is awesome! Way to go with your first (of many) HivePUD participations! 😃

Thanks you and Terminal!

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Hive Power Up Day - April 1st 2021 - Hive Power Delegation

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Congrats my friend and I am more than happyyou are enjoying Hive so much!
So much going on around here!

Happy to have you here with us and I think you jumped in the Hive train the right time, just before we start pumping hehe ;)

I am glad all started with me leaving the message after the onboarding of hive, I than assumed AND called you SHE for a month so faling me but not forwards , from now on HE it is, congrats on the hpud and the fact hive is under your skin and in your hart

It's basically all your fault:)

Ehhhhh Yes

Like AA we also got the HA covered , I am a member for 34 moons so it’s bad we got a spot for you aswell do t worry

I take full responsibility

You could be more sponser/enabler

That’s what I feel here too. Community support and help form all the amazing people around.
Would you be able to provide more information about the terminal ? Is this a discord channel ? Would you be able to share a link?

Here it is , they are amazing!

The primary goal of TheTerminal is to answer questions about Hive, blockchain, cryptocurrency, and Discord. We aim to help folks learn, grow, and find communities where they can thrive. We chose our name because we are like a travel terminal for destinations on the blockchain.

TheTerminal came into being Dec-2018 when our sister project @heyhaveyamet (which welcomes new users on their #introduceyourself posts) saw a need for a place to help those new users learn the etiquette, rules, and workings of the blockchain. Although our main focus is geared towards those beginners/newbies to Hive, we answer questions from everyone — even seasoned users sometimes have questions or need a refresher in how things work.

I am one of the co-founders, along with @xcountytravelers and @brittandjosie. If you have further questions, feel free to ask!

our account page: @theterminal
our Discord server:
our Community page:

Great to hear you are finding your way in the Hive ecosystem. There certainly are plenty of people around willing to help and that makes for a solid community. :)

I honestly don't think I would have stuck around if not for that, I think it's what makes hive so unique and valuable

When I started 3 years ago I had no clue what was going on. I knew zero about crypto, blockchain, discord. I just heard you could post and make money. lol. Quickly realized it wasn't quite that easy. After about a year things started to change for me so I'm glad I stuck it out. :)

Congratulations on your first #hivePUD. I'm sure there will be many more, especially with your commitment! Look forward to seeing you around the blockchain!

Thank you so much, its been really fun!

Awesome work on the power up and getting to grips with HIVE. I remember when I first started here over 3 years back and the RC problems, would rather have been playing with the little car at that point haha!

Onwards and upwards! Happy PUD!

Haha indeed! Steep learning curve but worth it!

The guys at The Terminal are awesome, such a friendly bunch! Nice work on the account, looking forward to seeing more from your blog.

Thank you so much, they are indeed friendly and super helpful #theterminal

Great to see you made it through your first month, hope you're still enjoying yourself and good to see you did your first PUD!

Yes I am and you reminded me I have a new toilet pic to post!

great stuff!! I also got a new PUD guessing contest again, head over to my PUD post for some fun!!

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Hive Power Up Day - April 1st 2021 - Hive Power Delegation

Yay! 🤗
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You are doing great here! I enjoy seeing your photos in the Shadow Hunters Community. Congrats on your first HPUD!

Thanks I have been loving the community!!