Origin of cruelty, stupidity and lack of reason [EN/PT]

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From an INTJ to another

You, good person, might grow up being bullied by other kids without understanding why. Being attacked without provocation, suffering psychological, emotional and even physical abuse. Perhaps even worse, you may even experience pharmaceutical or psychiatric abuse, even coming from the very family that should be supporting you.

Just imagine that these people are not naturally bad! They are extremely traumatized big kids, with personalities built on top of trauma. While you had your first 5 years of peace and health, their first 5 years were abuse, abandonment and/or violence to varying degrees.

That's what their personality was based on. They are cruel because they never had good examples nor do they know the benefits of being kind. It's not like they know how to look for what's missing in them either, when they don't even know it even exists.

Expecting this from these people is like intentionally looking for something without knowing what that something is - it's not possible. It is necessary to have an idea of what is missing in order to be able to fill it. Until then, this empty space will be filled with the wrong pieces, after all, decisions still need to be made.

De um INTJ para outro

Você, boa pessoa, pode crescer sofrendo bullying de outras crianças sem entender o porquê. Ser atacado sem provocação, sofrer abuso psicológico, emocional e até físico. Talvez pior ainda, pode até sofrer abuso farmacêutico ou psiquiátrico, até mesmo vindo da própria família que deveria te apoiar.

Imagine você que essas pessoas não são naturalmente más! São crianças grandes extremamente traumatizadas, com personalidade construída em cima de trauma. Enquanto você teve seus primeiros 5 anos de paz e saúde, os primeiros 5 anos deles foram de abuso, abandono e/ou violência em graus diferentes.

É nisso que a personalidade deles foi baseada. São cruéis porque nunca tiveram bons exemplos nem conhecem os benefícios de serem gentis. Não é como se eles soubessem buscar o que falta neles também, quando eles nem sabem que aquilo sequer existe.

Esperar isso dessas pessoas é igual intencionalmente procurar por algo sem saber o que esse algo é - não é possível. É necessário ter noção do que falta para poder preencher. Até lá, esse espaço vazio será preenchido com peças erradas, afinal, ainda precisam tomar decisões.

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@felipejoys I used to be a victim of bullying when I was in elementary school. It was a truly traumatic time for me until now. I also used to think that the cause was their jealousy towards me.

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You make really great points about people acting bad not knowing that what they are doing is wrong. However, just because they were not trained right from childhood, we let them go with these bad behaviours, it is our responsibility to red-educate them on how to live within the accepted social norms, and it is their job to be open-minded to learn. People change, and with the right education and method, they will re-access their character and change

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