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RE: Do we need a TOPIC for new users on the POB front end?

in Proof of Brainlast month

But would these guides be somehow fixed on trendin or news? It would have to be something that everyone could always see.

I believe this would make the job easier. And if we could give some kind of seal to verified users, it would be even better!

As for the Guides in other languages, if you need me to do the Portuguese version I can do it.


I can’t do anything for the current front end but maybe something would be possible for I’ll have to ask about it.

@leprechaun will probably be able to tell us.

And if our own front-end is 100% ready to use without any serious problems, we could already start to spread the word more about its use.

It's ready to use in my opinion. There are just a couple of things to add that would allow people to use it exclusively. For me, it's the notification icon that tells me when there's a new message. Also, tags displays for POB is another. However, the more people that utilize it the more info we'll get. It's all helpful for Leprechaun.


I will focus on promoting our front-end.