Living with a terrible disease ( Conjunctivitis)

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Hello hivers,

It is another day to be super uncomfortable. It has been over a week now and I am struggling to have a good sight and be comfortable generally.

One thing I have learnt in this past days is that humans do not appreciate good health. People who live their day to day lives with no pain or any kind of disease whatsoever to battle with, do not understand how blessed they are.

Whenever I fall sick, it makes me so sad because I have to be uncomfortable for the couple of days or even weeks until I get better.

I have been dealing with conjunctivitis for over a week now and guys, this is the most irritating sickness I have ever had to deal with.

The first day it started

This is the first time I am contracting such a disease. They said it is air borne but right from my days as a kid, no matter how long I stay with people who have the disease, I do not contract it. I even use to boast that my immune system is strong.

Well, that narrative changed this time around. It started with my daughter and I quickly swung into action. I took her to the hospital to get medication. Even though people who heard it kinda felt it was waste of money because to them, Apolo as it is fondly called is not even a sickness in the first place.

I and my daughter

My daughter got better the next day even know her eyes were a little reddish which I am thankful to God for. But mine came hard the next day following my visitation to my pastor.

I visited my pastor and he also had contracted the illness. His was so bad that it covered both eyes and they were swollen as if he got into a fight that they had to blow his eyes.

The funny thing is that when I visited, I jokingly reminded myself that no matter how much I stay with him, I won't have to contract the disease. He asked me to take some antibiotics though and I told him it was abuse of drugs since there was nothing wrong with me.

I mean, why should anyone take drugs without any sickness? Antibiotics for that matter isn't even a drug to just take anyhow.


Ladies and gentlemen, mine came and luckily it was with just one eye. Ye i said luckily because if it was in both eyes, i don't know how i would have managed it through.

I struggled to even open it. I ended up using just one eye to see. Luckily for me, my daughter and i were in my mum's place so she was just taking care of us. She would do the house chores since I couldn't do anything and even feed me too. yea it was that bad.

As each day passed, it felt like the pain increased. The swolleness was there and the discharge was coming out every minute. I got some antibiotics and eye drop which didn't look like it was working for me at all.

I was told to use my early morning which I found quite disgusting at first. Here in this part of the world, we use the African method to treat somethings and this was part of it. I personally didn't believe in it because how the hell will you use your urine to wash your face?YUCK.

I tried it after almost one week of suffering from the disease and it felt like I was getting relieved. My neighbor got me some fresh leaves from the bush which magically worked within 2 days of using it. Sadly, I didn't get to take a picture of it actually.

My current face

Right now the swolleness is gone and I feel so much better. My eyes are still reddish but not as bad as it was when it started. People still hide their faces when I look at them because they don't want to contract it.

deep down I want them to😂.

I hope my eyes clear completely though. But then again, I am grateful that I am recuperating.


Thank you for reading. See you in my next article.



Sorry about this ma
God help you IJN

Amen. Thank you so much. I feel much better now

Feel good to hear this