Beautiful Sunday: flowers in my garden and my fuzzy thoughts.

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The rainy season has gone for over a month, the winter days have been very warm and dry. I have been praying for some rain last few days. The soggy garden has become dry and the earth became much hardened. The water bill would be more expensive in winter and hot seasons. I have been thinking of having a borehole dug at the back of my garden. But I had better look for the right spot with good Feng Shui. Crypto market has started the bull run so I should get some money for the getting to the underground water next year.

This year I had been too occupied with too many things and I didn’t have enough time to put organic fertiliser in the garden. I bought special fertiliser for orchids but these bottles still stood on my cabibet. How I wished I could have stretched time or made time go slowly! But then I would be procrastinating as I could have extra time. I have got to be realistic and stop the ‘what if’ mentality and get on with my tasks.

I had a slow walk around the garden to observe all the trees and plants. We had too much rain this year, so we had to trim dangling branches twice so far. These branches could become dangerous during windy storm. The orchids weren’t looking very healthy as if they were on long diets. They were crying out for some extra nourishment. So, I had that on my priority list.

To my surprise, a lonely yellow orchid was in blossom as if to give me some encouragement. I thanked the orchid and looked around for more. Some small purple orchids were in blooms around the front yard. But these were too few as last year we had several clusters of purple orchids. This made me feel rather guilty and bad about my neglect. That’s probably why I avoided buying flowering plants as they wouldn’t be well looked after by me.

The two red flowering pots, which were given to me by an elderly lady, were doing surprisingly well. After a few days of watering, flower buds just exploded with joy. This might have been the result of good friendly vibes and intention of the lady as she insisted that I took the big pot plants home with me. I still missed her every time those red flowers were in full blossoms. I wished I had kept in touch with her during her moving to a new house. It’s unlikely that I would ever see her again after the long lockdown and scamdemic which put people’s lives in peril.

I have collected a long list of regrets for things I should have done but somehow I didn’t get around to accomplish them. Nature and plants don’t have this kind of psychological problem. They just get on with living each day according to various conditions of seasons. I do envy natural rhythms of natural creatures and creations. I think because we have such big and complex brains that we could think, dream, reason, being critical and imaginative. We have both the subconscious and conscious mind together giving another layer of complexity to our personalities and behaviours. Wise people and enlightened ones could handle these complexity of mind, thinking and feeling without fuzzy conflicts like my experience.

Those flowers and plants in my garden would probably forgive me for my neglect and have compassion on my weary mind with unending debates of what to do. They probably couldn’t understand why humans should become so problematic with themselves! My orchids probably gossiped behind my back and wondered when I would think straight and become less complicated. Life is tough in time lije this when I feel as if several tests are thrown at me. I should have bought some Bitcoin instead of buying storage shelves!

Too late! What’s done has become history which couldn’t be changed. What I could do is to think mindfully about the present situation and my limitations. So, I could make decisions which I wouldn’t have any regret later on. I just wish my guides and land spirits could have given me more explicit signs or suggestions. They probably got weary of demanding human being walking around the garden with confusing thoughts. I hope and pray to stay on the mindfulness path so that I wouldn’t be unwittingly making a nuisance of myself among all the trees and plants.

Wishing you peace, good health and prosperity.

Stay strong and cheerful.

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Rainy season is very important for garden. When rain drops on flowers. It look like a pearl. Very beautiful flower photography. I like very much.

Thanks so much for your nice comment and appreciation.

Always Welcome dear

That flowers, butterflies, sky and nature... beautiful 👍

Thank you. Glad you like blue sky, clouds and nature.

Manually curated by ewkaw from the @qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

Your kind support is much appreciated.

Your Orchids are so beautiful, I wish sometimes, actually often, that I lived in a tropical zone as I adore all the plants so much. Living in western, New York is way to cold for these beauties but can be done indoors.

Thank you. I should spend more time looking my orchids. I would be giving them fertiliser today.
These orchids flower once a year; so it’s a long wait.

I am sure the long wait is worth it. I have only been successful with one re-blooming for me. I do love them so and should really buy a new one and learn to take proper care of it.

I tended to water them too much so their leaves would turn yellow.

Yay! 🤗
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I didn't quite understand. Is it winter there in Thailand now? and do you have such sunny days?

Yup. But winter in Thailand is like spring season in Europe. So, it’s nice weather, no rain but warm sunshine with cooling breezes.

It would be my ideal place to live