Research about blockchain-based social media - read how to sign up for an interview

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I was thinking about it for a while; there is so much (fun and original) content here on hive and its front-ends.. How would it be possible to gather some information and come up with some conclusions to share? Wouldn't it be interesting to know for instance, the nationality of the most active users? Or their age group? Or why/what about they post here? And so much more!

Well, the time has come for a University to make research on decentralized social media platforms and we can not only read about it (when published) - but we can help with the investigation itself! We can participate in the research and share our vision and experience with hive!

Let me be more specific:


Research Study: Blockchain-based Social Media

This research is being conducted by Anatoliy Gruzd, Philip Mai and Alyssa Saiphoo at the Social Media Lab at Toronto Metropolitan University. The purpose of the research study is to better understand the nature of blockchain-based social media platforms and why people are using them.

This study is part of a larger research study to understand how privacy-preserving technologies, like blockchain-based platforms, can be leveraged to benefit social media users.

Does this sound interesting?

I first learned about this yesterday, through a post by @lemouth .. I would recommend that you read it here in case you have not already seen my reblog.

Read more for the research here

If you are interested in participating, you need to fill in a pre-survey.
I took the survey and I was asked questions regarding my age group, if I am fluent in English, which platform(s) I have an account on, how often I sign in/post there and where I come from / my education level.

After responding, I received a unique number and I saw the available slots where I could arrange my interview.

I did the survey yesterday and, the 7th of July and the first available slot (that I booked) was July 20th! I am sure they are overwhelmed by the big participation!

So, let's go ahead and share our experiences and our opinion. It will be very interesting to see how many of us will be interviewed.

What got me a little bit curious is this phrase of the reward:

As a thank you for your participation, you will receive the equivalent of $10 USD in the cryptocurrency (either in Minds Tokens, Steem, or Hive). You will receive this incentive once you have completed the interview. To receive this, you will need to provide us with your crypto wallet address at the end of your interview.

So I guess they already have steem/minds/hive accounts? I will try to retrieve this info because it will certainly be interesting to see if the persons who did this research have decided that they also wish to participate to one (or to more) of the platforms.

What are your thoughts?
Would you feel comfortable sharing your experience about hive?

Feel free to join the Hive Discord where I guess that people will be also discussing this research :)

Thanks for visiting!


This is great I am more than willing to share about Hive. Will be having a look at this for participation.
Thanks for sharing this 🙌

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