The Ignored Dangers of the COVID-19 Vaccine

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Governments, Big Pharma, and the main stream media all tout the current COVID-19 vaccine as being a safe and effective method to counteract the pandemic. This approach may, however, be misplaced. In the United States, this treatment did not go through the full scrutiny processes of the Federal Drug Administration but instead was granted 'emergency use status' so as to combat the disease. In light of all the verbiage surrounding the safety and efficacy of the mRNA vaccine, it begs the question as to just how truly safe is this new therapy.


As laymen, it is difficult at best to follow and understand the scientific explanations and studies related to how mRNA works in the human body and how these treatments operate to combat the disease for which it is targeted. In preparing to write this article I have read at least a half a dozen different studies on how this new therapy works. Most of these studies left me shaking my head and in several instances even wondering what the hell I just read.

You see, in my opinion, I think this is just what the government and Big Pharma want. By employing this methodology not only are they dazzling people with their brilliance, but at the same time baffling them with their bullshit. The government can say they are combating the pandemic to assuage the voting populace, while Big Phama laughs all the way to the bank greatly pleasing their shareholders. After all, Big Pharma is big business.

So it is to the benefit of government and Big Pharma to extol the virtues of a safe and effective treatment for a disease killing millions. But is rushing this new mRNA treatment from the drawing board into people's arms safe? In the short term, well, maybe, until the rise of the variants the drug did seem to diminish the spread of COVID-19. But in the long run, safety and effects on the human body remain an unknown.

I'll leave it to you to make the determination if the profit mode of Big Pharma and the goal of government to protect it's citizens outweighed the safety concerns and dangers we will now discuss. The stage has now been set - the COVID-19 vaccine was rushed into your arm (twice, if you are fully vaccinated).

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What permits the bodies cells to convert the food we eat into energy for the body to use are various encoded proteins necessary to sustain life. The mRNA treatment technology manipulates these encoded proteins whereby the information contained in the human DNA that is transferred to the messenger RNA is altered. Scientists call this manipulation of the DNA 'transcription'. In this transcription process the messenger RNA is read by the vaccines newly mutated code, which then becomes the blueprint for the production of new amino acids which eventually form into the proteins to fight the targeted disease. Thus, not only are the medical concerns surrounding this therapy evident, the future dangers of gene manipulation call into question the ethics surrounding such a course.

The mRNA vaccines in question are capable of manipulation of each and every cell function in the human body. Scientists believe they have sufficiently mapped the transcripts of cells with RNA transcripts to accomplish this task. But by artificially creating these proteins in the human body through gene manipulation, these new proteins could affect human life as we know it to be.


The danger of the vaccines in this regard surround the production of mutated proteins beyond that which is intended. These mutated proteins, known as prions, can multiply uncontrollably in the human body. As this converted DNA genetic code becomes encoded and takes over non-mutated human DNA, the effects of the mutated DNA may be passed on to the next generation. With the true unknown effects of this mutated DNA as a result of messenger RNA transcription, the chemical mRNA use today could yield a future generation of deformed or immune-compromised children tomorrow.

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The number of deaths possibly related to the mRNA injections made by Pfizer and Moderna is now over 5,000 in the US, approximately one-third of them within 48 hours of receiving the shots, in one sample. Although the pharma companies deny any causal relation, requests for medical reports and autopsies to confirm this have been ignored.
Most drug trials are halted after 25 to 50 possibly related deaths, as a swine flu vaccine was in 1976.


In this interview, the inventor of mRNA technology, Dr. Robert Malone, stated that "given the new data, the mRNA injections are a ticking time bomb." [Id.]. He continued by explaining:

...So they were they were aware that there was a risk of Spike being biologically active in having adverse events if it did not stay stuck to the cells that were transected, that got the RNA and made it OK. And and they used a genetic engineering method of putting a trans membrane domain on it to ensure that it stayed anchored and stayed put. And there they did limited, non-clinical studies to say looks like it stays stuck. We engineered it to stay stuck. They did. And they published it. Here’s the thing…Is that that’s generally not good enough in a non-clinical data package…


The problem with this Spike is "that the 'spike protein,' circulates throughout the body and accumulates in organs, bones, and especially, ovaries. [Id.]. The long term unknowns of this occurrence worries the scientists and researchers. “They did not believe the spike was biologically active. That was the big mystery. Now [they] know the spike protein is very dangerous there. It is violent. We also know so if it was very dangerous, but it did what the brochure on these vaccines says it should do, which is large in the membrane of the cells that are doing the transcribing, it would be a lot less destructive...." [Id.].

Now, only time will tell the long term effects of the mRNA COVID-19 treatments.


The contents of this article is exactly what the business of government and of Big Pharma don't want the public to know. I personally would not go so far as to call this a cover-up, however, it is a good example of politicians and business executives putting their respective heads in the sand.

And the main stream media is an accomplice in the head sand burial by their repeated failure to expose these dangers.

Fairness and ethical behavior dictate full disclosure of these dangers is warranted and in fact necessary. After all, it should be a persons informed decision on what to let be injected into their body.

I end with a personal note. In late May of this year, unaware of these dangers at that time, I received dose one of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine. Two weeks later I received dose 2. For several day following both injections I felt generally ill, but nothing terrible. Now, so far, I am fine. However, at the time, had I been aware of these associated dangers, I might have opted against receiving the vaccine.

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It's insane to see how many people blindly line up for these vaccines. I don't want to judge anyone for their personal decision because I understand all too well that some actually don't feel like having a choice when they will be jobless otherwise while having to provide for a family or maybe an ill family member etc. I get it, and everyone should be able to chose for themselves BUT still, so many are blindly without doing any research whatsoever, judging those that don't want it. Hello, it's my body too, like you have the choice to say yes, I should be able to say no. What happened to eating healthy and taking vitamins over jabs? nobody is speaking about that anymore.. :( It's like many lost their brains in the past year :(

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No way I'm getting it. They will have to kill me first.. But wait, wouldn't that mean they killed me trying to save me.. Hmm.. Yes.. That's what they are doing :)