My Post Does Not Appear?

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Do you have the same experience with me? My post does not appear on Is my account muted? Why? Is it because I posted about POB? Is anyone can answer my question?

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It is like hashtag proofofbrain is muted in

You are right. Your post also throws an error in The nice thing about block chain technology is that its users can never be excluded like twitter, youtube, facebook, paypal, gofundme, patreon, etc. have done to their users. I have never seen a bitcoin payment halted by any authority. This could be a huge problem for Hive.

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POB frontend is not working either ,.. only on peakD it loads .

Did someone use a fork or what ????

I have tried two posts, both did not appear in , posts only show the titles. The posts are not able to load. Hemm, I think the Muting Drama continues

Like the last POB post is 10 hours ago on Hive , last comments and reply's 4 hours or so ,.. got all glitches an bugs uploading my last post ,.. They did some fork today ,.. if this is a mute on a community ,.. then Hive as social media platform is done . So let's hope it was bugs ,.. going to get solved .

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kayak kasus gw kemaren bro..

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