Day Four: In Depth Research into Hive Engine & Typescript

Here get a list of my coarse list of transfers:

Here get a list of my fine list of transfers:

The Current POB merges these together. These lists have distinct types and it might make sense to have both and switch between one and the other. The coarse view is good for seeing how much I earned over the month but it's bad for seeing whether I earned anything on curation from eight days ago.

The Typescript language used by Ecency gives you an idea how the data structure is going to be before you run it for the first time. So, I'm combining the typescript with Hive Engine. It looks like I'll have something for displaying POB transactions first.

export interface HEFineTransaction {
    account    : string;
    author    : string;
    id    : number;
    // in satoshis
    int_amount    : number;
    permlink    : string;
    // For POB always 8
    precision    : number;
    // Iso string date
    timestamp    : string;
    // POB
    token    : string;
    trx    :  string| null;
    type    : string;

export interface HEAuthorReward extends HEFineTransaction {
    trx    : null;
    type    : "author_reward";

export interface HECurationReward extends HEFineTransaction {
    curator : string;
    trx: null;
    type: "curation_reward";

With fine transactions you get numeric values in satoshis, so if you got 1 POB for curation reward it will be listed as 100,000,000!

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I hope in the not too distant future to learn to understand what it says on the list.

And boy, seeing so many numbers together gives me a bit of a headache, but it's very interesting

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Lol @leprechaun is a guru,I wish to learn alot from him...

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It is great that we have someone on the case to get POB working better. Thank you for your hard work.

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