London lights - The Spirit of Christmas

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Autumn is well on its way – the days are getting colder, shorter and darker. Christmas is already in the air and it's literally so with the Christmas lights being hung in most cities. London is in a class of it own when it comes to Christmas lights.

Carnaby Universe

On Carbaby Street in West Soho, the neon lights overhead are shimmering and striking. The discs and planets dazzle and shimmer - enlivening the street for shoppers and tourists. It was easy to guess the theme of the display this year on Carnaby Street.

Carnaby Universe.

It was certainly a good time to visit this wonderful city. The glistening lights along the shopping streets gets one in the festive mood.

I then walked over to Regent Street. This is the first street in Central London where the tradition of Christmas lighting began in 1954.

The gathering crowds on the street, especially in the center was a clear indication that the lights were about to be switched on. Shortly before one was able to see the 2 lanes and the center berm.

It was November 9.
I asked a few people but no one seemed to know the exact time that the lights would go on. A quick check on Google revealed that there would be no ceremony but to my surprise there was no time indicated either. I did not want to hang around for too long but I did not want to miss the best part. I thought about going for a drink but I had already visited a pub earlier. 😀

However, I am digressing.
I decided to wait in the drizzle along with the crowds.
The wait was an event by itself. People were friendly and chatty. Some transfixed their gaze towards the dark night skies - in anticipation.

It was quite exciting for tourists and Londoners alike, even for me, although I have seen it several times before. People tried to get the best positions.

At exactly 6:30pm - the lights went on! There was an audible "Awwww!" from the crowds.

These classic angels of Regent Street were beaming gloriously. They are called, "The Spirit of Christmas". It is quite spectacular. There are 45 sparkling angels going down the street. Some are positioned as though playing a trumpet. It is a sight to behold.

They are beautiful from any position. These lights will go on daily from 3-11 pm. There are many lights all over the city. Nearby, Oxford Street was also ablazed with 100,000 shining stars.

It was certainly worth the wait to see these lovely christmas lights. Whether you are a scrouge or you don't like the commercialisation of the Christmas season – you will still enjoy the wonderful Christmas lights illuminating the city.

All photos are my own and taken with my iPhone


They look some lovely lights. I didn't see them switch them on in London before!

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Yes they are lovely indeed. It was just sheer chance that I caught them on the night that they got switched on. It was interesting and fun to be there.

Wow, this is so beautiful. I hope to see this with my eyes someday soon🥰🥰🥰. You capture them so beautifully.

Thank you - I hope you will see them soon.

hMMM They are beautiful, nice view!

Yes it is indeed

Can someone take me to London pleaseeeeee, awwww...this is super beautiful 😍... imagine finding myself here during the Christmas season..that would be a whole lot of fun to catch up with...the light is lovely and you were sharp to capture it when it went on🤗🧡

!LUV 💞

Indeed @nkemakonam89 - you would absolutely enjoy yourself on a visit especially during christmas

Everyone is preparing for this event, decoration is being done, the way I see many posts, the good thing is that all get a chance to do it.

Yes it is a special time of year

yes it is a special time of the year

Oh, I really would like to visit London around Christmas. Very nice atmosphere.

Yes it is indeed - the city is even more enlivened with all the lights. Enchanting.

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The lightnings are really beautiful
I know so many people can’t wait for Christmas
The best season in the world

Yes the lights and the entire season are lovely indeed.

You were back!

The lights look amazing
Too bad I'm so far away from London

Yes - I was back. I try to pop by at least once per year.
The lights were indeed amazing. It was sort of magical.
Maybe you could plan a special trip. All of London is so pretty during the festival season.

I remembered the London Christmas Wonderland I went many years back!
Still one of my fondest memories of celebrating Christmas! 😊

Aww yes that is also a lovely time in Hyde Park. I brought my kids there some years back. Memorable indeed.

Right Hype Park! I was trying so hard to recall the name of the place! 😅

Aww ok - happy to help.

The lights are so beautiful. I know @creativepearl would love to see this in person. I can imagine the Awwn when the lights went on.

Yes it was lovely to be there for that moment. It was certainly worth the wait. @creativepearl can visit now until after christmas.

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Wow this spirit of Christmas is so nice, I love the design though 😍 it's looks like a real spirit of Christmas. This are some beautiful pictures here, you guys must really be taking Christmas as something really serious over there. It's so nice to see so many beautiful pictures. We don't have any here in my country.

By the way which iphone are you using? It brought everything out and it's so nice. Thanks for sharing this beautiful post.

You are welcome. I am happy that you enjoyed the photos. I use mostly an iPhone SE 2020 but occasionally an iPhone 11.

Oh my God! This is so beautiful 😍 I love the lights. Those sparkling angels moving around makes the moment admirable. I would also scream "Aww" if I was there to watch those presence of the ones called "The spirit of Christmas"
This is a beauty to behold to celebrate Christmas 🎄 😍