A Full Moon Night

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Last night was the Beaver Full Moon. All the 12 full moons of the year have some or the other name. How did they get these names? There is full moon, pink moon, flower moon and like wise. The story of this is that in the past there were no calendars to keep track of the month and there were no names of January to December month also. The Native Americans hence gave these names to the Full Moons to keep track of each season and the name would continue for the month, like the name of the month. It was a time tracker for them.

Like the Beaver moon which was last night, during this time the Beavers would carry on their activity building their dams for the winter and hence this name was given to the Full Moon. The Full moon of May is called the Flower May, because during this time the flowers bloomed in abundance. There is a Harvest moon of September because in this time the farmers worked till late night in the fields harvesting their crops.

Then there is a Blue Moon also, it is not the part of the 12 Full Moons, it is the 13th Moon which occurs once in two and a half years because of the 30 days moon cycle. These are some interesting things to know about our ancient culture and traditions. In those times their activity all revolved around the Moon cycles and hence it was important for them to have these names so that they could track time. The English Calendar started only in the 1500s and before that there were calendars which were based on the Solar and Lunar cycles.

Full Moon comes with more energy then the moon on any other day and hence it is also believed that it is good to start any new activity on a full moon day as the energy amplifies the beginnings and gives it more power to do it. We are aware how nature also responds on the night of the full moon, there are high tides and the sea gets rough, which shows the power of the full moon.

Last evening while taking my walk I got these few pictures of the full moon. Something that I always enjoy doing.

I like the way this picture has come out, the tree leaves are falling on the moon.


Just playing around at different angles

After my walk I ended my day with a meditation session to make the most of the full moon energy.

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There's depth of understanding to gain from how nature works through understand moon cycles. Full moons are always vibrant in terms of energy, where as everything seems quiet during a new moon. Great first picture shot of the full moon, it's huge :)

In the past people used very scientific methods to understand nature, there was no technology and yet they were all so precise

Indeed! I think it often rest us having an intuitive connection with nature since we were mostly immersed in it. Unlike now, in which most seem to be disconnected with it.

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Seems like the season changes around the world. It has been long I wintess a moon like that

Yes, it's a time of change everywhere

The moon is so bright just like the one we had some nights ago
Also, I have never seen a blue moon before but I hope I experience it someday

The Blue moon is just the name of the 13th moon which occurs every once in 2.5 years

Oh this is new and interesting information. Beaver Moon? Pink Moon? Wow! Sounds cool. Of course, calenders are more streamlined and convenient, but I think there's a lot that has been let go in the old system. The energy of the Full Moon is not common knowledge, at least not here, there's hardly any oneness with nature anymore, etc.

Oh well, I'm glad for this platform. I learn everyday without evengoing on any voyage of discovery.

Your picture of the Full Moon upclose is very cool 😎.


There is lots to learn from nature and yes for that we need to bring oneness with mother nature