The Fine Dining at Koishii

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It was one of our family occasions and we wanted to celebrate so I picked up this place which is known for its fine dining luxury experience. In my family we are all fond of Asian cuisine so majority of the times we end up going to Asian restaurants or Sea food restaurants. This place was much more than I expected and so was the price...haha. But then we had to celebrate so I did not think much on that front.

The name of the restaurant is Koishii, it is on the 37th floor of the St. Regis hotel in Mumbai. The hotel is extravagant, the whole look of it is extremely luxurious and you feel special when you are here.

Let me share the pictures of the restaurant. Of course you pay a price for all of this when you dine in these kind of places. But you also feel it is worth it with the type of service, quality of food and the overall service that you get. Ideally these kind of places will want you to make advance reservation. We went without a reservation, since it was a week day, I anticipated we would not have issues getting a place, but to my surprise it was packed and we had a wait of 15 minutes before we got a table. The receptionist was very courteous and she offered us the waiting lounge till then.







We ordered some food and drinks, well I missed clicking pictures of the food but I did click a picture of the last desert. It was my Son's birthday and all of us are not much into sweets, so instead of a cake we ordered a Desert which was low on Sugar and celebrated the occassion.


It was a nice celebration time, the venue was perfect, the food was super delicious. It was the best way to celebrate his birthday.

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All these things are very beautiful and the view inside the hotel looks very lovely. Enjoy the meal and stay with us

It is indeed. Thank you

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The koishii looks very clean and neat

It is indeed

The exquisite design of the place looks good and I think it's well worth the price to have this feel and experience. I'm admirer of Asian cuisine and always pick it when it's available, since few of them are around here.

Happy birthday to your Son, wishing him many happy returns with good health and prosperity :)

Thank you for your good wishes my dear.

You're most welcome :)

The place looks high end and I suppose high end prices to go along with the decor. Looks like a good choice and perfect for a special dinner celebration.

True, it was an expensive place but then the occasion was also big so there was no compromise

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The dining table due to how amazing it is must have been demanded by a lot of people

Ya, I did not expect so much of public on a weekday