Gemstone Journey, Part 2 Quartz

The time of the Oregon Sunstone has come to an end, with five finished #dreamstones.

I also have 2 more half finished rounds transferred and ready for crowns, photos will be available when they are done.

Moving on to part 2 of the #gemstonejourney, quartz.

Quartz is the most common gem faceting material. It can be found worldwide and comes in many colors, I will be cutting Amethyst (purple), Citrine (yellow), Smokey (grey), Rose (pink), and Prasiolite (green).These stones are all on dopsticks and are ready to be worked on, I will post progress on #threads.

All photos and faceted gemstones by @nomaddreamer


Yay! 🤗
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I wanted to add my quartz cabochons I've been working on to the #gemstonejourney... does anyone else out there have any quartz that's meaningful to you? Stories?

Add pics of your favorite quartz, be it jewelry, magikal, a bit that your child found, whatever. Rocks are an integral part of the human story, it's fascinating to me how we attach sentiment and value to them and have throughout most of history.