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I have seen people who wants to do somethings but will rather wait saying that there's enough time to do what they have been planning to do. I have heard so many stories on how people miss their opportunities in life because they didn't keep to time, like they will always say "time is money".

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Every minute or seconds that counts matters and we should learn how to make use of it very well. I will tell you a short story about a young man who has been committed to doing many great things in his life but fail just because of one silly mistake.

A young man who lived in a single room sharing public toilet with his neighbor had struggled all his life into becoming someone great, someone very successful and rich so he can live his neighborhood to a very beautiful location with a big Manson to himself then probably settle down later when he has accomplished his dreams with a very beautiful lady who will manage and take care of his home and family for him.

He had been planning on how to open a business but the funds to do that wasn't available. He never wanted to work under someone but wanted to be self employed, he had great plans for his future. He sort for solutions on how to get funds for his business but couldn't see. Even when he eventually got an interview to a company which was willing to loan him some money and to get it back with an interest after some months, but he couldn't get it because of one mistake.

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After he got the mail to report at the company by 10am, he was so happy that after all this years, he's finally going to get the funds to start up his business. He ironed his suit and clean his shoes ready for the interview the next day, he was so excited and with joy he went to bed. He woke up the next morning very late and he quickly rushed to take his bath and hurriedly went for the interview even when he knew he can't meet up with time.

Getting to the location some hours later, he noticed those who called him for an interview where preparing to leave the office and he quickly went to meet them for his interview, unluckily for him, he was denied the loan because he couldn't meet up with the time given.

He was told that the interview was just to know how punctual he can be if he was to be given the loan and him failing to come at the right time means he wasn't ready to start up his business and as such if the loan is given, the company's interest won't be available at the right time.

He was disappointed at himself and promised to always keep to time. He was sad that the long awaiting opportunity he had been waiting for just ended in deadlock, he has wondered how long he will have to wait to get such an opportunity again.



So sad. Sometimes we get too comfortable about things and we end up missing the mark. The man was more concerned of other things and forget what he wanted and that was why he woke up late.

Nice writeup dear.

Dropping in to check on you, how is the challenge going, hope you do check on others and of course your partner? The challenge is getting more challenging and I know you are doing well, hehe.

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Thanks for stopping by, I'm Doing well just that me and my partner have not gotten a team name yet. Hehehe

I hope we'll get that soon

It's good to know you are doing well. I hope you guys get a name soon.

Have you read the recent post from @dreemport? If you've not,, I will advise you should then and also do well to inform your partner.

Time wait for no one we just have to do what is needed to be done

Yeah, that's true

I hope that is a lesson he will learn from. A sad story though.

Happy Wednesday Dreemie, this is one half of The Charming Rascals popping in for the dreemport ecency challenge to see how you are getting on? Day 3 of week 1 already! How are you enjoying it? It is fun as usual I think😁 Have a great rest of your day and let's do this💪

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YOu are very welcome, have a good one!

I like the fact that a rascal is behind the charm🤣

hehe oh that tickled me!

If I remember well, there is a saying , "Tempus fugit non regamus est" which means time wasted can never be regained.
Procrastination can be a great hindrance to success and if we fail to fight it, we will end up losing many opportunities in life.

That's true dear friend, time wasted can never be regained

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In 24 hours, we probably have just 16 hours and yet it's still never enough for those who really get to being busy. Time can't be saved. It can only be maximized or invested. Which is why we should always try to keep to time.

How's your day going? I trust you're being efficient... Just a quick reminder that you are never alone and always have people who care.
xx ❤️


My day is going well just that I haven't been feeling strong since yesterday

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Oh dear. I'm sorry. Hope it's nothing serious?

I'm down with malaria and typhoid

Oh no. That's serious. Get well soon. I'll be praying for you

Thank you dear

I had the habit of arriving late everywhere, I could only notice the importance of punctuality when something similar to the story you share with us happened to me. Although I am quite relaxed with time, I try to be punctual.


Maybe you should try keeping to time and see what happens

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A story with a lesson. I guess punctuality is indeed is the soul of business. It irks me when I meet people who don't keep to time. I take my time very seriously and I once never dated a guy because he came late to our date. That's how serious I take time. Too bad he lost the job but he learnt a great deal of lesson that I hope others reading this would learn too.

I can imagine. Being punctual speaks volumes of a person

It sure does. It tells me that this person can be trusted.

Being punctual to every event matters even when you think you're just few hours later, you will continue to be late in all events

Thanks for your contribution

Yeah! It is an attitude that needs to be learned.

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Damn, what was the interest he had in that great opportunity that he fell asleep on that important date. More than time has not waited for him, that the same thing happened with him sleeping, the failure is only attributable to this person. It's about keeping your eyes open behind that great opportunity. I feel sorry for him. Great story my dreamy friend. Excellent

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It is really sad we should be on time and follow it. As when someone kills time then time will kill him.

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Hmmmmm... I'd say he wasn't supposed to get the loan and the universe stepped in to prevent it so that he would find his true life's purpose!! ☺️❤️

But I'm a Dreemer (see what I did there?? ) @dreemsteem 😀