Our Pick - Reading Suggestions for April 10th

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Nature, Beach and Marine Fauna... A day full of surprises! [ENG/ES] by @jordy0827


Beautiful photos and story... I bet your daughter will remember this trip to the aquarium for her all time! Your post reminded me about my visit with a family to our local aquarium and dolphin show... It impacted me a lot as an adult, and I can't even imagine how it impacts children!

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Two Years On Hive | 100th Post of The Year | 4k+ Hive Power And More... by @merit.ahama


Congratulations on your 2nd HIVE birthday!!!
4.5K Hive Power is great and you will get to the Dolphin rank in the next few weeks! Keep creating and inspiring others!

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I purchased the spellbook and got my first win. by @naeemulnepun


Congratulations on your purchase and welcome to the Splinterlands family :-). I've been playing this game for close to 5 years... I hope you will have as much fun as I do and I'm looking forward to reading more about your progress in the game. Nice post!

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Splinterlands' DEC At Peg?! by @tobetada


I have been buying some SPS, I hope it will pay off! The changes made recently seem very bullish for DEC and SPS.

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Thanks for picking my post and for the mention and for the support and for the eceny points. Man, I'm really happy about all these. I hope I'll be highlighted again in this service.

You are most welcome! Keep building and creating quality content on HIVE!

I will. Thanks for the motivation.

Thank you very much for the support 🙏

You are welcome! That was a nice visit to the aquarium!!! I enjoyed!

Thanks for the mention and support ❤️

You are welcome! Your post was very inspiring!


!BBH 👍

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