Our Pick - Reading Suggestions for September 13th

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Viewing From Up There (SMASh 236) by @ifarmgirl


Wow! The shadows of the concrete railing are awesome! It looks like it gives colors to tiles! Love it!
And the scenery in the last photography is astonishing!

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It's great to see so many smiling young faces! Enjoy the best days of your life with your friends... Friends last forever so keep them close and take care of each other!

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A Swap Bridge That You Need To "Bookmark" by @theguruasia


Definitely the best swap bridge out there! From the moment I found it, I didn't use any other!
Keep doing great work!

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Archmage bot - How fast can I make it profitable? by @archmagebot


I have been hesitating to get started with archmage as well. Thanks for this first tutorial. I hope more will come 🙂

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Thanks for sharing. I have open the different picks in a new tab. And I'll pay each author a visit. 🙌

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Thanks for supporting other authors!!! They deserve it!

Truthfully, they do. And I did learn something new, especially about the HiveUpMe DB that I can use for my Hive transactions with lower fees.

Ecency points rewards are sent out! Thanks for creating awesome content!


Great selection guys.

Thanks for checking them! Appreciate it!

Thank you so much for including mine on your picks. I appreciate it very much. And thanks to Ecency for the points :) I always love them!

You are welcome! It's always great to read your posts!

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Thanks for the upvote! Appreciated!

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