Our Pick - Reading Suggestions for September 23rd

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TL:DR: President Petro speaks to the UN by @ecoinstant


You can call me a conspiracy theorist, anarchist, or whatever else, but if we take a look into history, every time that humans were "fixing" nature's stuff, it didn't go well... The same goes for every WAR that we had... It got worse...
So, I don't think that poisoning the forest can be a good solution for anything and the same goes for the "carbon" problem... Unfortunately, it's all about the money, always was, and always will be...

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Beautiful ||Bella [ENG/ESP] by @hgalue


I would go a bit more deeply into this... I don't believe that in and out beauty exists... People are beautiful or not and that's it! If someone is a good person, it glows inside and outside, and you can notice that... and that's what counts!
Unfortunately, some people don't have enough self-esteem, feel insecure, and try to "fix" things in different ways... That can be a small push in the right direction, but in the end, it always comes from the inside...

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XRP Spikes to 4-Month ATH in Crypto Bear Market by @idiosyncratic1


From the moment that the XRP was created, I couldn't understand why it is listed on CMC at all. :) It's not a cryptocurrency per-se, it's not a blockchain, and it's not decentralized at all... On the other side, it's interesting to see the drama with the SEC lawsuit, which could help other cryptocurrencies in the future...

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A Neutral SUMMONER Is Coming To Splinterlands! by @hawks21


A neutral summoner is definitely going to be a game changer. I think that your theory that it will be handled like a dragon summoner (chosing one splinter after chosing the summoner) might be quite accurate. I think that will be a pretty useful card for somebody who starts out and doesn't have the money to buy/rent all the necessary summoners. Just one summoner would be enough to play all splinters...

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Great selection guys!

Thanks for your support!

Thank you for your support dear Liotes team <3

You are most welcome! Keep creating awesome posts! People are reading them!

Today I keep the article "XRP Spikes to 4-Month ATH in Crypto Bear Market" by @idiosyncratic1

XRP token is a beast and the term "Ripple army" is already written in the crypto books... It's crazy how strong a fanbase they have!

Many thanks :)