Formation and Development of a Good Character

in Proof of Brain3 months ago

Character formation as to some people is in-born, while some believe that character formation is of gradual acquisition through learning and reasoning, mental development and exposition, while I subscribe to the school of thought.

I believe that man can normally develop a good character and bad character, though it is not an easy task to form good character and habit, because one has to make constant and conscious efforts in forming them. On the other hand, one can easily slide into bad habits with effortless ease, someone can change the standard of his life if he choose to; a person can demean himself, you can promote the blessing of good in you if you wish and let your life radiate as a light to other people or bring you peace and blessing to more life if you choose to.

There are some factors one should strive to acquire, desire and make use of as a yardstick or standard in the process of formation. and development of good character.

Importance of honesty cannot be over emphasized in the societal dealing. As a result of this, one must learn how to be honest to himself, honest in criticising others, avoid unnecessary gossiping about others. Don't frustrate others effort because of any selfish reasons, be frank whenever an occasion demands it, and be very free to express your constructive ideas towards the development of your environment.

Politeness and Love of Peace
Someone must learn how to be polite and respectful to others either elders, age mate and even your junior ones and all the constituted authority within and outside his environment.
You must love peace and if you have problems you must accept them as challenges and try means of peaceful solution to them rather than restoring to brutal force and violence.

Good Attitude To Work

Someone who wants to form a good character and habit must develop a good attitude to any work he is doing. He must exercise his best efforts, enthusiasm, intelligence as well as have determination to do his best always and strive to make his work the best of its kind at all times. He must do things according to expectation. He must always show good sense of responsibility in anything that is entrusted to him.

Formation and development of good character safely depends on us, if we believe in living a meaningful life. It is my belief that someone can force himself to age and end away unneccessarily. Good character will give you peace.