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Hello friends! I'm precious and my username is @preciousbae which simply means an important girl of a great value that is not not be taking carelessly. 😊
I joined the hive platform late last year and since I have been trying to find a community that I can focus on and create quality contents........ but I'm glad I'm here today to share my knowledge with everyone in this community.


Today I want to talk about disappointment and how I felt when I got disappointed.

A story about how I got disappointed by my Brother.

Sometimes we never get to see things work out the way we expect them to work but in all I still believe that we can never questioned anyone for his or her actions, rather we are to look inward to see or know the reason for been disappointed by such individual.

The Short Story

it was not long after I gained Addmision into Higher institution and I needed to do some necessary payments before I will be allowed to start taking lectures my clearance levy, acceptance levy, departmental levy including my school fees etc.
i called my brother who promised to take care of my school responsibilities to let him know the situation of things only for him to demand for the list of all the necessary payments that I need to pay, then I logged in to my school portal to get the list for him and he promised to attend to them as soon as he can but he never gets to fulfill his promises.

Every day I could watch my mates go to school while I stay at home waiting for his response but all to no avail, my brother keep promising day after day
even to the extent of missing out in most of my semester test.
not until a faithful day that I took a bold step, I talked to a close friend who graduated from the same school I gained addmision to and he offered a help of me going to stay with her younger cousin who also gained Addmision then I moved down to school hostel to stay with her.
Then I started following her to school to attend classes everyday I kept calling my brother and he keeps promising today and tomorrow till the First day of one examination he never fulfill his promises I was so disappointed as I was not allowed to have my examination like every other students.
But thank God for the Student Union Body who came to my aid on that very day


After this incident I learnt not to expect anything from anybody in other not to get disappointed.
Also to always have an alternative plan when people make promise to me, because I couldn't have been gotten so disappointed if not that I put all my hope on my Brother, knowing fully well that he is a human and not God that never fails.

I appreciate everyone for reading through my first post in this community and I wouldn't mind if anyone can put me through on the kind of posts to share in this community.
  kind regards friends 😘

Welcome to pob/vyb community 🧠

Thank you @vyb.engagement for your warm welcome...... Please I will appreciate if you can help on the kind of post to be share in this community 🙏