POB Needs Explainer Videos! 100 HBD And 10,000 POB Up For Grabs!

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In order for POB to grow, more people need to understand how to use it. Hive and Leo users already understand POB at varying levels and can help to explain POB to the rest of the world.

Videos, especially with animations and/or screen shares, are the most effective way to explain something to a large audience. Concepts can be visualized and quickly understood compared to only text or audio.


Contest Details

  • 1st place 100 HBD, 5000 POB and a 5000 POB delegation for 90 days
  • 2nd place 3000 POB
  • 3rd place 2000 POB

Winners will also recieve a 100% upvote from @proofofbrainio

Valid entries for the Contest Must:

  • Be uploaded to Youtube and/or Odysee and/or Bitchute (3speak is appreciatied as well, but we are trying to reach a broader audience.)
  • Explain posting, staking, voting, swapping, 21M total supply, and the halving schedule
  • Be posted to https://www.proofofbrain.io/ by November 1st

Thank You

These videos will help POB to grow both inside and outside of Hive. If you have any questions please ask in the comments below or in our discord

Please post a link to your video in the comments

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Edit: Added 100 HBD to the 1st place prize! Come on people, let's get some excitement going!

Edit #2: Added 2 more acceptable video platforms - Odysee and Bitchute - to include video makers that have been censored from Youtube.


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Well, I'm certainly happy to see POB starting to show "signs of life" again... I always thought this was a concept with a lot of potential.

Seems to me the big challenge here will be to persuade people to hold/invest for the long term rather than to immediately sell every token they are rewarded.

I'm more of a writer than a videographer... but I'll certainly try to play around with something...


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Hopefully this wil help attract people like POB was at the start. Unfortunately I'm no videographer/animation specialist.
The reward should attract people.

Welcome back!!! Long time no see!!!!

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Nice graphic, that would be cool if that thing in the thumbnail was animated explaining POB things!!

Okayy...I think this is a great way to sell the community...I'm not much of a videos person but I'd surely like to be a part...I'll look for interesting inspiration and I hope it works out well...

POB's finally been going to the moon!

Explain posting, staking, voting, swapping, 21M total supply, and the halving schedule

Are we supposed to take about all of them at once? Or choose anyone to talk about?

You should consider adding on or doing a separate contest for posts to Odysee and Bitchute. I got kicked off YouTube so I will have to skip out on this contest.


Great point. Those two platforms in particular seem to have absorbed the largest part of censored youtubers. I'll allow it. I'll update the post now.

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I also think they are much more likely to look at a truly great opportunity to earn crypto.
I often do POB puzzles as I listen to other peoples content.
I need to send you an HBD for the next binging of podcast so I can get some BRAIN.
I might be out of the top 10 now.


Where could I find the POB documentation about "Explain posting, staking, voting, swapping, 21M total supply, and the halving schedule" ???
(I just hope is not in the 'Dis...' nightmare-space)

There is only the basic description of POB so far. We need better documentation, but the posting, staking, and voting are are pretty strait forward to understand for hive users as it basically the same as hive. Leo would be the closest token to compare it to. As far as swapping, POB has pairs with CENT, SWAP.HIVE, and SWAP.BTC. Those can be found on https://www.proofofbrain.io/, https://tribaldex.com/dieselpools/pools, or https://beeswap.dcity.io/swap?pools&search=pob

The only thing that sets POB apart from other tokens is the 21M total supply and halving schedule that matches Bitcoin. POB has really just combined the technology of HIVE with the tokenomics of BTC.

This was a great question. Please ask away if you need any further clarification. Thank you

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I confess that I am astonished but also happy with this post! It is great to see you move the POB community again. For me and many I know from when POB was Pop, Proof of Brain was the best community; it was a place where we could write about whatever we wanted and have genuine engagement. Count on me to help on this new community journey. @proofofbrainio

Now, an important question: Does the video need to be recorded only in English?

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Yes, We we are startng with only English. We may do Spanish next and others at some point, but for now only English.

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Are you looking content in any language or just in English? Thank you!

The current contest is just for English, but other languages are appreciated and would recieve a @proofofbrainio upvote. There is already decent sized Spanish speaking community on POB, so that would probably the next language needed. Thank you!

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Hi, a question? Only english is allowed? Spanish?

Yes, only English for this one.

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Please include my entry at https://www.proofofbrain.io/@fernandoylet/pob-explainer-video-just-relax with the following video...

Thanks @proofofbrainio for the 1000 POB you sent me the 3rd of November for entering this contest. But since there were no other entries, why I didn't win at least the 3rd place?

The contest was an absolute failure. It is my fault. I was not clear enough on my instructions. I appreciate you for making an entry but the video didn't showcase proofofbrain.io but ecency and the proof of brain community. While those two things are similar, there is no need for us to explain using ecency and the proof of brain community. I thought giving you 1000 POB was a fair consolation prize considering there are no usable videos, but you had given your effort. That was my reasoning. Please let me know if this is acceptable to you or if you would like to return the POB and work out another payment solution in private that is acceptable to you. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Now I understand @proofofbrainio
Thanks for the explanation.

So who won?

What did you mean by "swapping"? Do you mean the Diesel pools?

POB !LOLZ very funny of today gain brain 👼

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lol, still trying to climb out of that negative rep from an old downvote campaign when I was posting too many dumb comments that got downvoted.

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