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UPDATE: The below post was made as I was struggling to power up my POB and stake it to POB power and getting error messages that my active key was not connected to my Hive key wallet extension. Thankfully @leprechaun and @jaxsonmurph have resolved this issue for me. Please see the issue I was having in the article below, and the solution, which worked for me, in their replies. Hope this helps more of you! :-)

hi, so I am fairly new to Hive and POB. I have earned a small bit of Hive and POB tokens and wanted to stake them to increase my voting power. When I tried to stake on Hive through PEAKD I got the message:

The current website is trying to send a request to the Hive Keychain browser extension for account @samsmith1971 using the active key, which has not been added to the wallet.

Somehow I managed to come right by logging out of my Hive account and logging back in using my user name and active key. Then when I went to my wallet it allowed me to stake my Hive tokens as HP.

However, in POB I am still having this same issue. If I try to stake my POB to POB power then I get the message:

The current website is trying to send a request to the Hive Keychain browser extension for account @samsmith1971 using the active key, which has not been added to the wallet.

I tried logging out of and relogging in using my Hive active key. Then went to my wallet but now there are no drop down options next to my balances to enable me to move my POB tokens to POB power.

Any ideas what to do? I am really stumped. Thought if I am having this issue then maybe other newbies are too. Any help much appreciated.

Thank you

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Thank you @leprechaun and @jaxsonmurph, you are both godsends! This was literally doing my head in and between you both, you have resolved this for me. POB tokens successfully staked :-) If anyone else is having this issue, please do read @leprechaun reply to this post and also read @jaxsonmurph new article on They are both worth following for their knowledge and support.

Removing the Hive keychain wallet extension from chrome and then adding it back using my master password, as suggested by both of them (which is the one that looks like a private key but is not the private key), has allowed the Hive keychain to connect with all of my keys: private, active and posting and allowed me to stake/power up my POB and not lost any of my token balances! Can't thank you both enough. I can sleep easy tonight lol.

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You are so welcome I am just glad to see you have resolved the issue and managed to stake your #POB I am chuffed for you this is a huge moment.

I am hopeful others will read your experience and learn from yours and our mistakes, my post can also be found on [

The current website is trying to send a request to the Hive Keychain browser extension for account @samsmith1971 using the active key, which has not been added to the wallet.

By "wallet", it means your Hive Keychain Extension. This wallet lives on your computer. This is not to be confused with on the web. So when you loaded your account into the Hive Keychain you used your posting key. Remove your account from Hive Keychain and add it back in again but this time with your master password. The keychain will figure out your active key, and posting key from the password.

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hi there :-) thank you so much for replying. Do you mean that I must remove the Hive chrome extension from my laptop and then add it back using master password? I am really green when it comes to this so if you are able to explain what I need to do in slightly smaller steps it would be so much appreciated. If I go to my Hive keychain extension on my laptop I have an option to remove it. Is that what you are advising me to do? Will it lose my earned Hive and POB if I do this? or how do I go about removing my account from Hive keychain?

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When you sign up, the master password is used to determine the private keys and public keys. So you can derive all of this from your master password. Leave me with my master password stored on removable media. Then you can install another O/S on my computer. I could still recover and login to Hive so long as I keep that master password.

I had a similar problem and I couldn't remove my account from Hive Keychain so I removed Hive Keychain and installed it again. Then I could add my account again.

I also have the same issue stated above. But the truth i dont know how to go about it. Boss kindly help us to do write up on this to help people out. I mean people who do not understamd what to do or people eho are new in the community.

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Thank you @Leprechaun for taking the time to help me. I shall try your advice this evening. And thank you for your upvote too, it didn't go unnoticed and is really appreciated :-)

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Ok I read your issue, as long as you keep a copy of your master password and private and public keys somewhere safe, Like a USB stick, which is what I do, you can remove the hive keychain from your browser and reinstall it using your master password, the hive keychain should then automatically reconnect finding your keys and allowing you to stake your POB, I had this issue myself at the start, It would be nice to see it simplified or at least with better instructions its very confusing,

Hope this helps you get it sorted if not let me know and I will check out what else can be done

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Thank you Jaxson. Hopefully between yours and @Leprechaun's advice, I can come right on this issue this evening.

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I hope so, @Leprechaun is a great preson for a advice, been around a while and knows the system well.

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I'm interested in replies to this post as well

Solved the same for me. A great help thanks