My hive story

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Hello everyone,


A great day here for me on hive and actually, this challenge was initiated by @snook but I was privileged to come across the challenge through @projectmamabg who also participated in the challenge. Some certain questions were asked for the challenge which I will be answering one after the other.

First question
How long have you been on the blockchain?

I was privileged to join this great platform on Dec 16 ,I have barely spent 2 weeks on the platform. Heartfelt thanks to @projectmamabg for showing me this network.


Second question
What was your background on cryptocurrency when you first came to the blockchain?

Actually before coming here I was already investing in Shiba Inu,but I what I normally do was to send money to a friend ,he would help me buy the coin and send it to my wallet,so I am wasn't really familiar with cryptocurrency when I first came here.


Third question
What was your background in writing when you first came to the blockchain?

I was never a good writer before coming here and am still not yet a good writer,but as time goes by, i hope to improve my writing skills and by then I will be able to write properly and fluently.

Fourth question
How many people did you know when you first came to the blockchain?

There are actually few people I have met in just 2 weeks I have spent here people such as @jay-one and @projectmamabg,I hope to still make more friends as time goes on.

Fifth question
How did you meet people when you first came to the blockchain?

I already knew @jay-one before coming to this blockchain , because we both attend the same university. Then as for @projectmamabg I met her on discord ,we had series of conversations and she showed me this amazing platform.

Sixth question
Who did you look up to when you first came to the blockchain?

For sure I look up to @projectmamabg , since she is the reason why I am here and she also impresses me with her article,then another person I look up to is @taskmaster4450 he has really achieved alot on this platform and also he his someone whose post talks more about the world of crypto currency. These are people who inspire me with their article and for that I do visit their profile all most everytime.

Seventh question
How would you describe your first three month on the blockchain?

Actually the question says first three month but I haven't used up to a month on the blockchain yet so I will be describing my experience on the blockchain for the first two weeks.

The first two weeks I have spent on the blockchain has been both good and bad for me,I have had rollercoaster of emotions from not getting what I expected on my introductory post,to getting over 18$ in the hive highlight contest and so on. But all in all, I have enjoyed my stay here.


Eight question
Has being a part of the blockchain changed you In any ways?

I will say yes, because before joining this platform I have always been someone who spends most of his time visiting social media sites such as Instagram and Twitter and at the end of the day I dont have anything to show for it,but joining hive I have had to spend most of my time thinking of what to post for the day,how to go far on the blockchain and how to make more money on the blockchain.

Ninth question
What was your favourite memory from your time on hive?

My favourite memory so far on hive was when I got over 18$ on a post,i was so happy because initially I only had 1$ on the post,but after like few days later I woke up from bed and then suddenly i just saw a notification that says some people voted on your post i checked and I saw over 18$ on the post .Well thanks to @guiltparties and @theycallmedan they made that happen.


Tenth question
If you could give advice to someone just joining have what would it be?

Well I am also still a newbie on the blockchain ,but my advice for someone just joining will be to stay consistent and never lose hope,also there are lots of communities here so choose the one that best suits what you love doing and what you are good at,also try to make more friends because that will boost your growth more on the platform.

Thanks for reading and do have a nice day.


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I am curious. Why are you sending all of your hive to @jay-one? :)

I sell them to him for money but if that's a crime on the blockchain am sorry and I won't send them to him any longer.

Well. Its not a crime, but he have been blacklisted

So I wouldn't consider him a good mentor :)

Don't know what you mean by he has been blackisted,but could I still be selling them to him or just stop I need your advice on this sir