POB Film - First Light Through The Fog, premiere at 11:30 am Est

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First Light Through The Fog is a short film about a father and son who travel the lengths of highway 7 before stumbling upon a beautiful sun lit and mist filled lake inhabited by a large grizzly bear. The film takes place in my beautiful home of Ontario and is made to capture the free feeling of early mornings spent on the road.

Watch “ First Light Through The Fog” premiere on YouTube at 11:30 am Est

Thanks to those who made this film possible

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This a gem of summer's fantasy @shadyfilms,

This is the style that gets the imagination growing. I'm glad you could spend some time with your dad this summer. You are blessed to enjoy that moment and we are blessed to share it with you.

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Thank you.

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Absolutely killer work I am very impressed holy cow.

Hopefully you are going to continue with this filmmaking.

That was definitely beautiful thank you for sharing even my puppy dog says thank you.


Thanks so much. This made my day, your Puppy is so cute.

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You are very welcome

Awesome little Movie … shared with 300 Million people on Twitter.

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Thank you very much.

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That grizzly bear must be lost … all the way East on Highway 7 ?
Maybe it was a Black bear little Makwa. 🐻