Finally acedited Giphy account so why not use some custom ones to promote Hive!

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We stumbled on to making Gifs when our marketing consultant said in a meeting you should make some we did start making them. Our first ones look pretty rough now although it was only a few months ago! Since then we have got some new software and found a rhythm a bit. I think now they are looking more professional than they did. Even more importantly they are looking more branded.

What I did not expect is that other people would start asking us for Gifs and we started making them for different groups/tribes on Hive on request! We have now started putting these into collections and are hoping in a week or so will become searchable on discord and other platforms! Our channel is under our music label name which is Stick Up Music

One of the other Stick Up Boys said to me that making Gifs is a perfect job for me....quick, creative and fun! I think he is probably right as I do love making them and they are creative and quick which does suit my personality. Anyway here are a few of our starting collections!

Proof of Brain

Animated GIF-downsized (2).gif

Had fun making these and have some more idea we could do! Always happy to take suggestions! I like to think of this group as the Thinking Persons tribe on Hive

Here is a link to the collection:

Hive Pizza @pizzaexpress

Pizza Respect GIF-downsized_large.gif

I love this group, innovative, fun and bringing real value to what they do to the Hive! Check out their website
See their collections here -

Rising Star @risingstar

Animated GIF-downsized_large.gif

Our favourite game on the block chain - you should play it if you have not started

You can see their collection here -

Stick Up Boys @stickupmusic @ambrosechappel

we are here gif.gif

This is our band so obviously we made them for ourselves to use. What is nice is I see other people use them too! Check out our socials here

You can see our collection here -

We have a lot more gifs we have not uploaded them yet. We recently did some for Profound Radio which is a cool underground radio station . When they asked me they said they would advertise our Giphy business....I said what giphy business! Although I am starting to think maybe we should get one!

We have a few more coming up to do for Hive tribes including some for DCROPS a new farming NFT game and for Hive Coffee which I am looking forward to. Also did some we are finishing for @battleaxe as she is cool and we wanted an axe...... If anyone else want some Gifs then let me know

I mean I think I might have found my perfect job, just need to start adding music to them and then enjoy the fun.

Big up the love and the music

the Stick Up Boys

StickupboysLogo (2).png

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Mad skills as always, Keep up the great work :)

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Thanks bro appreciated! Eat !PIZZA and drink !BEER and sending !LUV



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Nice one guys

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Great timing, am glad am running late on the piece on you because now I am going to add in this post :)
I'm going to go ahead and reblog as you are doing a ton of cool projects.

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hey thanks very much! Hope you are well? Eat !PIZZA



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I don't know if I love you cos you're great or your gifs are....

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That's nice. I hope to see there gifs about hive. I know that covid is so promoted there and masks. lol The same about websites with free pictures. Let's promote hive instead. ☺

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Nice one, will maybe do some general hives one!

advertising is key for you to be known on the internet, I like the idea of making gif 😁 good post keep it up.

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Sweet you should make some they be awesome!

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