Why do parents die?

in Proof of Brain6 months ago
  • I don't know why parents die, they should not die. Even if the whole world dies, the whole world becomes dust, but those who are like the parents of the gates of heaven should not die, because as soon as they die, their lives are handed over to the winds of hell.
    This loss is so great that even if someone cuts his aorta, the grief of this loss cannot end.
    How much purity there is in the sun, how much blackness there is in the night, how much unfaithfulness there is in humans, all this becomes known after the death of parents.
    Indeed, what a journey of life one has to go through with Abla Pie.
    I'm never disappointed,
    I can never be disappointed,
    I never want to be disappointed.
    I sometimes ask wistfully, looking longingly at the dark edges of the open sky
    "Allah, where are my parents?"
    And as soon as I get the answer to this question, a never-extinguishing fire burns in my heart. 😓


  • For dear mother and father I have only tears to write And how shall I write tears?
    To write on my beloved mother, my father, I have the blood that flows from my wounded heart, which was shed by the dagger of his death.
    All I have to write about Mom and Dad is the sigh that comes out of my heart when I remember them.
    Everything is in the lines of my hands, but there is no Mamma Baba in those lines.
    I don't see Mamma Baba written on these lines, "Separation, Patience and Suha Lo" is written on the line with Mamma Baba.
    O Lord of the worlds, grant my mother Baba Janna a high place in Jannat al-Firdous, light her grave and give me my mother Baba Janna.
    Make a source of salvation for Amen, Lord of the worlds