Demystifying 'Mass Formation Psychosis'

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MFP (Mass Formation Psychosis) is a term coined by Belgian Clinical Psychology Professor Mattias Desmet. Dr. Robert Malone (the man who invented mRNA vaccine technology) wielded this new term on Joe Rogan's podcast, and that caused it to explode in popularity almost overnight. The reason Dr. Malone took an interest in Professor Desmet's work was to find an explanation behind how his creation had gotten successfully hijacked and used against people despite his repeated warnings about the risks that mRNA vaccines pose to humanity.

Seeing as how this is a fresh choice of words and many have a tendency to glom onto all the tripe getting made up left and right (but mostly left), I had to go in and figure out if it has any merit or if it's nonsense like half the other made-up words and terms coming out nowadays. And this wasn't particularly easy because since it's a new turn of phrase, the best people could do, is refer to other psychological phenomena to explain it.

The only problem is that many of these concepts overlap and interrelate. And this made the new three-word term very easy for leftists to shoot down, like a neopronoun. I must say, that had me a bit rattled because I had already passively accepted it as a new catchphrase without doing my due diligence into the topic. So let's take a look at these other phenomena in psychology that are used as pointers to explain MFP and how they might relate.

  • Mass hysteria.
  • Mass hypnosis.
  • Mass psychosis.
  • Mob psychology.

Firstly, I will explain the above four states in a simple way that's easy to understand. When someone gets hypnotized, it means they are highly susceptible to suggestion. So when the masses get hypnotized, we're talking about group hypnosis. We've probably all seen a stage hypnotist narrow his audience down by doing a test on the audience, and then he collects the most suggestible, brings them on stage, and then proceeds to make fools of them.

Now we move from hypnosis to a related osis-word, psychosis. Psychosis is easy to comprehend. Psychosis describes when people's emotions and thoughts get so twisted that they appear to lose touch with reality. Let's look at the cold war as an example. Fresh off the heels of WWII, after the US used its terrifying new weapon against Japan, Americans got put into a state of sheer terror because Russia got their hands on nukes.

The fear was palpable. Americans knew what terrible damage the atomic bomb could do. And when you combine that fear with the Chrysler Air-Raid Siren's used in the cold war to warn the people of an incoming nuclear attack, hilarity ensued. Sure, the ridiculous Sirens may have been practical if you had built a fallout shelter. But what if you have children, and what if your children are at school, then what?! Well, never fear because Burt the Turtle comes in to save the day!

Now, most of us today can look and laugh at that video because hindsight is 20/20, and everyone knows that ducking under your desk isn't going to save you from a nuclear attack any more than, say, trying to duck and dodge influenza. You see, back in the day, Burt the turtle did affect both the minds of adults and children. I would wager a guess that any smart-aleck kid who decided not to get under his desk after the air-raid siren got severely punished even though it is a confidence trick.

The above is an example of psychosis. Fear had successfully hijacked both the thoughts and emotions of people to the point where they took the Government's advice and performed these fools' errands in hopes that it would protect them from a nuke. As trite as it may sound, much like Frank Herbert so accurately and succinctly said in 'Dune': "Fear is the mind-killer."

And we're seeing the same thing happen as history repeats itself with the mask-hysteria. The masks don't work. They don't protect you from a virus with an R0 rate similar to influenza. To think that it does is the greatest of expectations. It's on a par with walking outside in a rainstorm, trying to dodge raindrops, and expecting you won't get wet. It's not happening, and never in the history of influenza has this tactic worked.

So we've touched on hypnosis, psychosis, and now we'll move on to mob psychology. Mob psychology is when you don't know, but you go with the flow because everyone else is doing it. How many of you are wearing masks for the sole purpose that you don't want to offend others? Worse yet, how many of those are scolding others for not wearing a mask, even though they wouldn't wear it themselves, were it not for the peer pressure they feel from others.

And this is much like the experiment with the five monkeys, the ladder, and the bananas. Essentially, the culture we adopt can get induced, and this culture can carry forward into the future to the point where the enforcers of the culture know not what (or why) they do (what they do). Here's a short video about the five monkeys below.

Last but not least is hysteria. Hysteria is an excited or heightened state of emotion. Let's look at those monkeys as an example. The first generation of monkeys is in hysterics. And this is because they know if the new monkey gets the banana, they're all going to get drenched in cold water. However, several generations down, the monkeys move into fanaticism, and this is because now the banana is forbidden fruit for reasons unknown.

For the monkey's it's become sort of a hazing ritual. You get your ass beat if you try to get that banana because I got my ass beat for trying to get the banana, and we're all overly emotional when you try to get that banana because we're all triggered and thinking back to the time when we got jumped into the gang. And this isn't much different from how gang members induct people into the fold. If you've ever seen it, gang members jumping in a would-be gang member are ruthlessly enthusiastic (or hysterical/fanatical) because they're reliving the emotions that happened to them.

So we covered all four bullet points related to mass formation psychosis. Let's call the bullet points beads, and MFP is the thread that connects them all. Put quite simply, MFP in the case of COVID-19 is all of those things combined.

  • We are in a state of hypnosis, and the hypnotist just handed us a "water gun" and told us to shoot ourselves in the head with it. Sometimes the gun goes click, and sometimes it goes boom. But lucky for us hypnotized folks, we get to keep on going until we win the ultimate prize or die trying.

  • We are in a state of psychosis (or have lost touch with reality) because even though the first shot didn't provide immunity, we got deluded by experts into believing that somehow taking more of the failed vaccine will eventually work out in our favor. It will not.

  • Many people are now hysterical and feverishly washing their hands repeatedly, along with every item they get at the grocery store, just because they got so emotionally wrecked by propaganda which is disproportionate to the risk that Sars-Cov-2 poses for most individuals.

  • We are acting like a mob by enforcing stupid rules that don't work to punish people who are not subject to the influence of our hypnotist overlords. It's stupid. Fear is controlling you. Stop it!

So what is mass formation psychosis? It's all that and a bag of chips. More specifically, mass formation psychosis is when large swathes of the population get whipped up into a frenzy and get gaslit into doing destructive things because a few diabolical asshats want to centralize power and cull as many people as possible in the process.

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So what is mass formation psychosis? It is all of the above and a bag of chips. More specifically, mass formation psychosis is when large swathes of the population get whipped up into a frenzy and get gaslit into doing destructive things because a few diabolical assholes want to centralize power and cull as many humans as possible while doing so.

Well. It is becoming harder and harder to water down the truth without discarding its effectiveness as many compromises of the truth used in order to reach a wider public have also been hijacked by this group mind narrative.

None of these concepts are new. Yet renaming it does give a new life to looking directly at the group mind psychology phenomenon.

People simply need to study group psychology to understand. There are rules to the way people think and behave in groups which run contrary to the belief systems of free will aka individual agency.

Thankee-sai, you speak true.


Well expressed, Sir. I know that Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla is laughing all the way to the bank even though that two doses of his vaccine "offer very-limited protection if any." But perhaps if one keeps freebasing those Pfizer shots, something surprising will happen. It's not something that I can recommend in good conscience, but I'd suggest that everyone do their due diligence!

Everyone who sincerely "believes" that Covid19 has TONS MORE deaths in a 2020 or 2021 then we had deaths for the flu in 2000 or 2019 is a conspiracy theorist.

Well said!


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