The widower

in Proof of Brain2 years ago (edited)

Shot on the Kent coast in a small church. We stumbled upon it when shooting along the coastal line and it became the perfect backdrop for us. Often it’s hard to find places to shoot without paying these days and when it’s just for an editorial or a free test shoot we rly don’t have budget to pay for locations so finding these little gems is what we always look for when doing test shoots. We got to freely use all around the church area and inside. The area also has an ancient ruin site too which, I love using but I have probably used it to death now so finding the church was a real gift, this shoot made it into rankins online magazine hunger tv. I don’t it with another photographer friend so these are my images but the editorial was split between us.




wow this look in the eyes is powerfull ! nice pics

so beautiful and so mysterious!