Chapter 1 - Interacting with the community

A tips guide for everyone

This will be the first chapter of a series of publications that I will make bringing tips, solutions to doubts, indications, how to grow in HIVE, solution of frequent doubts for beginners, POB users (and some of LEO) that I believe everyone should know and bring reasons for such action.

I don't know everything, but I do know some things and I believe this can help a lot who is starting. This high that will come in the coming months will bring new users and many curious people, I think it's interesting that we leave the field as clean and productive as possible for those who are arriving, and thus make a good impression for them to continue here. There was a time when I always read the following sentence in publications (I don't know if it was actually the slogan or just a collective outbreak where everyone was talking): "Come for the money, stay for the community."

And community is the topic I want to raise in this first chapter.

Whenever someone gives an opinion, they do it so that another can hear, no one is talking to themselves out loud (ok, some people do that, haha, but it's not the rule, it's the exception), and when you say your opinion, you it can do it constructively, destructively or generically.

Before we go into all three, we should understand that our opinion can make us have some relevance, both good and bad, and thereby attract a user base that wants to know what you have to say. On a site where interaction brings you cash rewards, it is very important that you have a base of people who are there daily consuming your content and in return giving you a few cents or tens of dollars daily.

In a place where the greater the number of people interacting with your content, the greater your revenue (ok, there are exceptions, there will always be), it is important and essential that the new user who is initially coming for the money, starts to create bonds and interactions with the community, as it will achieve its initial objective, and when receiving back the interaction of other users, it will reach other objectives, not just monetary but social, such as, for example, the number of friends you have within the platform.

Constructive opinion: It is one that brings along with the comment or publication a load of teaching, whether correcting something that the interlocutor has presented, or adding a new fact to the proposed theme. It's something that generally drives good engagement and makes the user get great rewards. I've even seen (again exception, not rule) comments with higher rewards than posts, for attracting a subjective value greater than the initial post/comment.

Destructive Opinion: This sometimes comes as a counter-argument or just distilled hatred anyway. There have been and will be countless situations where users will diametrically disagree on topics, and the fine line between disagreement and offense in a writing environment where we sometimes do not understand the connotation of the phrase, can generate heated discussions. What many times end up creating "groups" that are pro and against opinions which makes the discussion sometimes (but rare as I've noticed) go beyond the initial proposed theme.

General opinion: I believe that is the majority of the comments, and sometimes it comes in a completely fair and beneficial way. Sometimes we find posts that we have no idea about the proposed subject, but we find interesting what the user has mentioned and would like to give feedback. This way, generic comments like "Very good your publication." appear, so that the user can see that we are consuming their content and continue producing.

The interaction with the community is a crucial role for us to continue to grow and so each user can bring their content to everyone, generating varied individual and collective values.

I hope that with this post and the next ones to create a kind of guide about what new users need to know and even some older ones who are a bit absent from the community and intend to come back. And at the end of each publication, put a link to the previous chapters.

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Thank you @vempromundo , it's a very good start to the series you're about to start.

It is a clear fact that engagement(a meaningful one at that) is one of the backbones of making it on Hive. The ability to connect to another through posts and comments is a very beautiful thing. Without even knowing it, you could be encouraging one person, or inspiring the other, or even teaching another person. Whatever the case may be, engagement brings about great rewards and I'm hoping a lot of more people will start to tap into those rewards.

Thanks for sharing this helpful post ❤️

Thanks for this post ,I wrote something about this on pobstreet day's ago , engagement bring alot to the community,am not talking about only the reward but this also bring vibes to the author of the post ,when people engage ,this means someone is reading the post ,he someone make mistake on the post it can be corrected,for example I write a post now and onealfer comment on it ,how did you think I will feels , sometimes engagement is more than upvote

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Ooooh, I like this @vempromundo ! Engagement is the key to unlock both social and financial capital on the Hive. A joy of both reading and writing is a necessity. Looking forward to reading the rest of the series. There is always something to learn from others provided we remain open to the opportunity 🙏 !PIZZA

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