🧠 What is Proof Of Brain? An introduction 🧠

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Dear Brainers? Brainiacs? No-brainers?

What is POB.png

POB Tribe

Proof of Brain is a Hive Tribe that came live a few months back and has enjoyed a good community growth. Their UI is simple but very easy to handle and to use.

It focuses on curation and quality content.

Some things I like about ProofOfBrain are:

  • There are no Miners token or witnesses; making it a 100% curation + blogger's platform
  • No pre-mine tokens and as for Bitcoin a 50% rewards decrease every 4 years
  • The Wallet is in the same UI as your posts / comments. As opposed to Hive / or old Steem that send you to hivewaller, etc...
  • When you post through the UI you get a posted via proofofbrain.io which is a good way to advertise your community / UI.
  • When writing a post you can easily select the cover image you would like to use (it does not have to be the 1st posted)
  • You can also select a "maximum accepted payout" (in HBD) which can be useful for very powerful users or community accounts
  • You can save MULTIPLE Templates
  • The community is active and still in early stage, therefore you can enjoy the benefit of being an early adopter

Source: LeoDex

POB Chart on @leodex

As we can see below, the price has been trending upwards over the past 3 months and is solidly sitting around 2 Hive per POB at the moment making it once of the most expensive community token on Hive.


My own POB Stake


I did not buy POB as of yet as I am trying to build a LEO stack at the moment but I have been stacking my rewards consistently and I am now in the Top 200 POB Holders. Even with "just" c.250POB.

By the way, it may not seem much but it means my upvote is worth 0.36 POB already ! Wait till I get to 5K+ ! :D

Top 5 POB TokenHolders beware !

I am coming for you @onealfa.pob, @proofofbrainio, @trostparadox, @leprechaun, @richardcrill !


Only 51400 POB left to be number 1! xD

This is all for this post about ProofofBrain (POB) that I posted through the native UI and I believe this community should continue to be very successful going forward.


➡️ Leofinance
➡️ Youtube
➡️ Odysee
➡️ Twitter
➡️ Publish0x
➡️ Den.Social
➡️ Torum
➡️ Minds
➡️ Spotify

➡️ Be paid daily to browse with Brave Internet Browser
➡️ Invest and Trade on Binance and get a % of fees back

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100% allows people to hustle or invest from scratch. No airdrops no pre-drops, done quite early and sincerly this gives people the more opportunity to even buy, Invest, earn, blog, curate. I hope to get to at least 3k staked POB before december.

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Indeed, that is what I like about it. Simple, straight to the point !

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Those are nice goals, I wish you to achieve them ;)

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Thank you for the info, I have just been learning about PoB today. I want to try posting on it although there are so many communities, it will be hard to keep up with everything.

Hello there, I amm glad it could helpyou out ! Checkout leofinance.io too it has great content on Finance, Crypto, news and has a developing team that could help you get into DeFi and other chains such as ETH or Binance Smart Chain if you feel like exploring ;)

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Will you be writing posts that are for POB only? :)

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I might indeed, but for now I commited to Leofinance.io for the short term.

Are you a POB exclusive writer?

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No. I write for everything really. But I like POB the most because of the freedom I have to write whatever I want!

I did not know all of this about POB. Thank you for the knowledge. I've been having a rough time figuring out which blogs I should post to which frontends.

What would you say is good, relevant content for Proof of Brain? I've been posting my finance ideas to Leo, but would blogs about random DAO proposals or maybe random posts about fantasy character backstory work?

The last post I did on PoB was about some D&D tiles I got and I would like to post more there but I'm just kinda foggy as what I should be writing about. I generally take an approach of "let my fingers just start going" and my blog ideas form. But a good starting point helps quite a bit.

To be candid, this gives people the more opportunity to even buy, Invest, earn, blog, curate. I'm a newbie so i need support and more upvote. I think I'm going somewhere with CRYPTOCURRENCIES hustling. Thanks for sharing

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Great introduction post. Love Pob, best tribe ever. I'm stake more than possible :)

It makes me happy when I see people will great understanding on platform like this, hoping to see more of you @vlemon ,, kudos to you

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POB is definitely going to be competitive if you want the top ranks. I kind of gave up since I don't content specific to that tribe. However I do pretty much stake what I get and I have been doing decently so far.

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