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Beautiful evening to you all!!

My name is Nwafor, Chisom francisca. I am a veterinarian. I hail from Arondizuogu; an autonomous community in Imo State, Nigeria.
I presently reside and work (with "My Animal Needs Veterinary clinic") in Asaba Delta state.


I am an animal lover and a caregiver. I treat and care for pets and domestic animals including livestocks.
my hobbies include: reading, listening to music, dancing, watching movies, swimming (don't really know how to swim🤭), playing games like wrestling, judo and outdoor games like volleyball, football. I like traveling to new places and going for sightseeing, I also like adventures. Oh!! wait, did I mention eating? yeah, I like food a lot (#foodie). I take interest in humanitarian services, I'm also interested in self-development and self-improvement, helping people around me the best way I can and I move with people that are true to themselves.


I am single but should I say not searching, yes. I like being honest and I like to keep honest people around me, I don't make much friends, I am easy going some call me a snob (maybe because I don't laugh much) but trust me I am not if you get to know me. I am fun to be with and I can introduce you to a whole lot of interesting things that can make your day worth it. I am not much of a writer but I like writing a lot.


I will be creating the type of content that teaches different kinds of experience about life, valuable contents advising people on how to take care of their pets, what to do and what not to do (professional advice), contents about food (recipes) and lots more. I'm going to add a lot of value to hive blockchain from inviting and guiding more people into the block chain to creating valuable contents and also joining in contests to see that the communities are bustling.
I found out about Hive from my boyfriend @nasri11 who went on and on about how his colleagues and friends were into Hive and earning greens, he told me a lot about Hive block chain that got me interested and I decided to check it out.


initially, I got to too excited as I thought it is a platform where you can just come and money will start flowing. so after the first two weeks, should I say I was disappointed because it wasn't as I had imagined it would be, so I decided to take it slowly and understand the Hive blockchain at least to some extent; get to know how it works, how to relate to others and so on. for some weeks, I didn't log into Hive, partly because I was beginning to get tired and then there was nothing to show for it and also because I wasn't really feeling strong health-wise.
so after some weeks I complained to my friend, he shared some of his experiences with me and encouraged me to continue and gave me some tips.


This time I decided to read and get engaged with people, I joined some communities, read write-ups on #Newbies guide, Posts by @scholaris, and some other persons like ,@Kerrislravenhill, @Simplymike, @proofofbrainio, @amr008, @onealfa and a host of others, and here I am making an introductory post, I mean, I'm loving it here already, it feels like I have known the people here for ages, there is this connection but I don't really know how to explain it; I am happy I didn't quit Hive.

I have come to stay, learn more, make friends and earn no matter how long it takes, I will definitely be a pro.
"Nothing good comes easy" I will always bear this in mind while on hive blockchain.
I can't do all of this without your help my friends, I am open to corrections and advices from everybody both old and new, I wish to learn from the best and I know you all will give me the listening ear when I beckon.


it's my pleasure to be a member of Hive blockchain. Thank you all and I love you all😃😃.
Thank you for reading my post.

All the images here,were taken by me [on my Android phone].

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You are highly welcome, pls do well to contribute for the growth of the community

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Thank you so much, I do appreciate.

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Welcome, you are going to enjoy it here.

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Thank you, I look forward to that!

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You're welcome to the family @whiteangey.

Stay cool!

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Wealthcome to our humble abode @whiteangey don't worry, you'll love it here☺

Thank you @eil7304. I hope I do

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Welcome onboard @whiteangey, you have started really well by touring around and learning how things work around the hive. Your efforts will definitely pays off in no time.
Keep up the good work, see you around.

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Thank you very much my friend😃😃

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Welcome to the Hive..I would have opted to show you around but I see you've already found your way. That's good!!!

You and me have something in common..I love dancing too and food!!, Lol

Great introduction post..see you around

Thanks for the compliments @chincoculbert.
But you can still show me around I don't mind, and I know I still have a lot to learn.

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Alright then, I'll be glad to be your guide. Hop on lets sail together


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You're welcome @whiteangey, nice motivation, keep going! 😊🌹

I will😀😀

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Way to go. Meantime, support us and vote for our witness.
You will get one more badge and bigger upvotes from us when we notify you.