Lionel Messi's new shirt (150,000 pieces) in PSG got sold in seven minutes with the club making over 20 million euros.

Are you still asking what is in a name folks?

Okay! cocacola lost in stocks about 4 billion dollars because CR7 removed there drink from the table.

Are you still asking what is in a name?

Okay! Elon musk sent the cryptocurrency market tumbling with just a tweet.

Are you still asking what is in a name?

Okay! Emirates airlines just paid nichole Smith a whopping five million dollar for a 30 seconds advert and top the burj Khalifa.

Are you still asking what is in a name?

Hear jesus Christ !

Mathew 16 : 13

When jesus came into the coast of caesarea Philippi, he asked his discipline, saying who do men say that I the son of man I am?

Now listen!

Everyone that ever lived a life of impact always has two names- the name you were given and the name you give yourself.

The name you were given identifies you while the name you give yourself announce your worth.

When people despise you, it means you can succeed.

When some believe in you, it means you will succeed.

When you believe in your yourself, it means you are success.

Lastly, the first name is a label while the second is a product!

Your first name is a gift from people to you while your second name is a gift from your choice to you.

Happy weekend again.

I'm out.

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I believe in ur words.Your name is what will identify you.Always be determine.Success is sure.Leave what people say about you and pick courage.You will succeed

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Yes boss mate... our name is important to us.

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You have said it all mate... our name and reputation is very essential to us. Thanks for sharing you are doing well.