Rory Laird Original | Throwback @ Lawrence KS 2007 | Head Over Heels

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I wrote this song in 2004. It was written about a waitress I saw working, I think at an Old Chicago restaurant in Manhattan Kansas. I wrote the song on a napkin, inspired by this waitress. Later I put chords to it and came back and played it for her...honestly I had really high hopes that my musical prowess would win her heart, but things don't go that way in the real world very often - particularly if you're not rich and famous, but then, if someone only gives you a chance because of your status, they're not really giving you a chance. Anyway, we did become friends after that.
This was in my last days in the army. I used to go up to her campus on the weekends, we'd sit on the grass and I would play quietly while she would read a book. Her name was Steph, and she was a really wonderful friend, but was never interested in taking things further than that. In the end, it turns out this was just a song. It was an expression of the hope and yearning for love that was bursting inside of me. Although Steph was not the one for me (or I wasn't the one for her), I believe that God has a plan for us all, no interaction is purely chance. We were meant to be friends - but I was always supposed to find the love I now call my wife.
I don't know if it's true or not, but I read that the song Hey There Delilah was written in the same way, the artist imagined his life with a girl he didn't really know, wrote a song about it, and hoped she would swoon at his beautiful melody and lyrics, but in his case also, this did not wind up being the case. In truth, when an artist creates a piece in this way, they have no way of knowing anything about the person they're writing for, the perfect and loving relationship they're envisioning in this case is purely fictitious, and often the person themselves is imbued with imagined characteristics...people aren't often the way we imagine them, whether we assign them characteristics that are considered good or bad.

Starin' across the room, with that wild-eyed stare
There must be magic in your hair cuz
It's just much too soon, for me to be thinkin' things like I'm thinkin' now, I'm thinkin' that I dig ya and I don't know how
to speak my mind, oh God I die, every time that you leave my sight and I
I wonder how do you feel, do you feel the same
Or do you realize that I'm completely lame (I'm completely lame)
I check my yahoo all day long but to no avail, well I've got no new emails and
a candy apple on a stick could be a nice surprise but it's you who turned out to be a sight for my sore eyes, yeah you're a sight for my tired eyes
I know it's a lot to take in at once yeah I know that it's a lot to say,
I know it's much too soon for me to even be thinkin' I could feel this way but please don't think I'm crazy and please don't, think that I'm a fool
I'm a normal guy, I'm just head over heels for you
yeah I'm a normal guy, and I'm head over, head over, head over heels for you.

R. Laird 2004
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