Hive Music Festival Week 59 - Round 2 (RoryKL | Rebel Yell)

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Greetings, Hive family! I feel I must start today with an apology for everyone who commented on last week's video and didn’t see a response – I was travelling all last week and didn’t find myself at any point with enough free time to read and respond to comments, but I value them and will be filtering through them all once I get settled back into things.

In the meantime, I did squeeze in a quick recording opportunity when we got back, so I’m going have to do things a bit out of order here as I will be posting the week two video before I get the chance to respond to week 1 comments – but I will be coming back to cover all the bases!

This week I watched Leo with my wife and two little daughters. I personally loved it, but I always love Adam Sandler. Well, this Adam Sandler connection is what brought about my song selection for this week, Billy Idol’s Rebel Yell…remember The Wedding Singer? In the end of the movie, Billy Idol steps in with the other passengers from first class and helps Sandler win the girl? Yeah all that stuff! I know the connection is a loose one at best if I were trying to sell it, but in fact, that really is what made me want to play this song…I watched Leo, heard Sandler’s voice in the lizard, thought of The Wedding Singer, thought of Billy Idol, played Rebel Yell…lol not bad, right?

Although I have played this song on Hive before, that was an unrehearsed practice round…this differs in that it is an unrehearsed performance round hahaha – because of the travelling, I didn’t get time to practice and perfect this number, but even without dedicated practice, I think just having tried it once before gave me an advantage and enabled me to do it better the second time around (here is the original first recording from 3 months ago).

EDIT: @music-community @edwardstobia Due to technical difficulties, I was unable to upload this video during the period of Week 59 Round 2, so instead I’ve dropped it in the Acoustic Lounge community so it doesn’t just go to waste. It looks like everything is working well again, so I will be recording something for Week 60 Round 3 today after work :)

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The Hive Music Festival is an exclusive activity of the Music Zone community. We invite you to publish in our community in the next publication.

I intend to :) This submission was created for last week but couldn’t go up in time due to technical issues. I didn’t want it to go to waste but I also didn’t want to violate the Music-Zone community rules by posting it outside of the allotted time frame.

Thank you for checking it out in spite being in the wrong place, I hope this explanation makes sense! I recorded a submission for Week 60 Round 3 today and will post in the Music-Zone community as soon as I get a chance to do the description :)

Thatsssss a really interesting twist 🙂🎸
Really good voiceeeee

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