Rory Laird Original | Throwback @ Lawrence KS 2008 | Dr. Dingo

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Throwback Video 003/015

Back at the Kentucky St house, times got tough for a while. When there were like 9 of us living there, the house finances divided up and cost next to nothing...but when people started leaving, we found ourselves barely making rent. In our quest to survive, we spent a solid year just taking in anyone who would be willing to move in and pay their share, and through these tough times, we made some really cool new friends. One of the last additions to the house was Dee. Dee was a local entrpreneur and rapper, and hearing him record in his room inspired me to write this. When Dee rapped, his lyrics were smooth and punchy, it was as if he was using the lyrical flow to create a whole new beat on top of the beat, and a whole new harmony inside of the melody. I never aspired to take Dee's throne as the house beatmaster, but I really enjoyed the challenge of trying to create something in his style. These days were a time of constant musical experimentation, always testing limits and finding new ways to use old things, and I am particularly fond of this piece because of the memories it revives for me.
Well Dr Dingo was born with a chip on his shoulder the size of the state of his birth he had been, abused as a child he had no sense left of self worth
But never did that ever stop him, from steppin up over the line he went to,
lots of good parties and he always did have a good time.
Well Dr Dingo had many things up on his mind yeah just about all of the time he got locked up in himself and all lost in the daily grind
Well Dr Dingo, what do you know? Dr Dingo Dr Dingo where do you go everyday? Dr Dingo
So plenty of ladies been lovin' the Dingo man ever since he got up onto the scene
He got a smooth ride and a fresh cut and a red hot limousine you know what I mean Crazy enough to turn the bluest of skies into the deepest of red
he got arrested over in Europe for wearing banana cakes up on his head he said Ain't nothin' quite like the feeling you get when you make the commute to work,
a nice guy any other time but on the road I turn into a jerk
I can hardly even scarce to imagine, Dr Dingo
Well Dr Dingo, what do you know? Dr Dingo Dr Dingo where do you go everyday? Dr Dingo
Everything up on his plate changed oh four one six oh eight
He woke up the very next morning on time though often he would have been late. A lovely afternoon left him smilin' like Looney Tunes
I'd like to tell you the rest of the story I hope that he'll tell it to me soon
So Mr Dr Dingo must bid we all good day

Dr Dingo said he had nothing left to say
R. Laird 2008
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This is so cool, man. Reminds me of Jack White a bit. The lyrics are very edgy and in your face. And 2008 you is so cute! <3

LOL! These are all good things :) Thank you!!!
…how was your weekend?


LOL! Thanks mate! I’m surprised to see this one catching some views 🤣