What is Hivelist?

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Hivelist is a tribe in hive side engine. It specifies in classified ads. It will be the next ecomerce on hive network.
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Hivelist issues List token. Every holder who stake list token will earn Com token. List token is also used as the promotion payment in hivelist.org.

You can also promote products on hivelist platform. You can use hashtag #forsale. There is also #gig that you can offer for small works.

Hivelist with the classified ads style will be the future ecomerce on blockchain. Users can use the reward for promoting products. If you want to buy list token, you can get from hive-engines. With small money you can promote your products on classified ads platform on blockchain.

To log in hivelist.org you need your hivekeychain wallet and peaklock login. It is secure and simple login system. There is no key that is stored in the server. Your login key is stored in your browser. Add your products and services on hivelist.org now!


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Didn't see this till it was too late for voting, so I will promote by burning 100 LIST. Thanks for the quick summary.