Happy Birthday Hivelist! We Are Turning 1 Today!

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We are 1 year old today!!!

Bring on the smash cake!!!


Wow! It's been a year already?!? It's crazy! This past year has been a wild ride for this dude for sure. The 18th will mark my 1 year leaving my 8 year career with Apple and venturing off into my own little hustling world, and I will never look back!

Starting Hivelist was a journey that I didn't think would take me to where it has, and we really haven't gotten going yet! It's been a wild ride trying to learn, as a non coder, how to use the tools I know, Wordpress, and blend it with Hive. Well after finding some really helpful resources, I was able to get to work on building my own project for the blockchain.

I have always been a bit of a hustler, so I figured my best way would be to get going on an ecommerce platform that hadn't really been done for the community yet. This was actually something I was considering with STEEM, but we forked before I could really make it a reality.

Allot of the foundational building has been trial and error for the most part, which actually led to the creation of the Hivelist token (LIST) and the Hive-Engine front end. Wordpress wasn't quite getting what I needed and realized quickly that I was going to be a necessity to have the front end. So I just figured out how to blend the best of both worlds so that I can have a custom Hive front end, that ties into our own front end on the blockchain. Now, we have our own working front end that is fully funded on the Hive Engine side!

The Hivelist store has been a bit of an evolution as well. You will know if you have watched the progression. I have always had the dream of becoming the 'Amazon' of the blockchain, and we are working our way to doing that! We opened our store to vendors last month and have brought on a few now, but it's still early. Now that everything is pretty much built, I can get to focusing on some actual marketing outside of the Hive echo-chamber.

To celebrate our 1st birthday, instead of lighting a candle to blow out, we burned 1 Million LIST Tokens! I think that will become a thing, lol. So next year instead of 2 candles, we will burn 2 Million tokens... sounds like a good idea, 3 the next year, and so forth....

Screen Shot 2021-05-10 at 9.05.31 AM.png

Screen Shot 2021-05-10 at 9.06.34 AM.png

Just to show some proof of the burn!

Anyway, I am super grateful for my supporting community! If it were not for you guys, this wouldn't have all come to fruition! So now that we are established, and have a solid foundation built, let's get to marketing this thing!

So I am going to throw the shill part of this post, lol... Become an affiliate of the Hivelist.store and earn 3% of each sale that processes through our store! External or affiliate products don't count. This percentage comes out of the 5% sales fee charged per sale by the Hivelist store, you are getting a direct cut of our profits!

If you want to become an affiliate, click the link:

If you want to become a store vendor, click this link:

So hustlers, what are you going to do in this next year? Let's get to hustlin' and build the value of these communities!

I am tagging my wonderful LIST Staking Club in this so you guys make sure you are included in the celebration! Again, if it weren't for your support, none of this could happen!



https://hivelist.io - Main custom website
https://hivelist.store - Online retail store
https://hivelist.org - Blockchain front end


Header photos from pixabay.com


Congrats on a year under your belt. Amazing progress so far. Keep up the great work. In another year I suspect we won't even recognize this place. I'll be very interested to see how your marketing efforts turn out. Obviously there are lots of other things in Hive (including HIVE itself) that could use some marketing so hopefully you'll have some success and maybe shine a light on what good marketing can do. In the meantime, I'll keep stacking and staking.

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Thanks. Hopefully by marketing an e-commerce platform may bring in some new eyes

Congrats on 1 year and dang 1 million burn! 👀
lots of new and great products on the site and I'm sure it will continue to grow. Keep up the awesome work on the store front and other features. Look forward to what's coming for List!

Hivelist is already a year old and funny enough I just knew about it a few months ago.
Happy Birthday To Hivelist ;)

Many congratulations dude. You are doing an amazing job with HiveList and HiveHustlers.

I am looking forward to see how all of this unfolds in the future. It's going to be amazing.

You are a real Hustler indeed.

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Happy Hivelist Bday

Congratulations on your progress so far. I can't believe it's been a year. That went so quickly!

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They grow up so fast, lol


Right on and congratulations!!!!

Next up is even more growth!!!!

Happy that the project is going strong all this time!

Happy birthday, HIVELIST!! Congrats @thelogicaldude for all you've been working on and accomplished!

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DUDE! You unghosted yourself for my post, lol! Miss you bud, lol. Thanks man, hope you are doing well.

A year?! Wow. :O
I'm more than happy to have been a part of it too, and I look forward to the next year of stacking and staking! Thanks for keeping us posted, Dude, and keep up the stellar work. ;)

Congratulations @thelogicaldude and happy birthday hivelist. Great work you've done/ doing.

Looking forward to more birthdays and to see how to the project grows overtime

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I have a little left to be part of the Staking Club, greetings, and congratulations

Happy B-Day HiveList!!!

Congratulations on 1 Million burn! And it's great to see that progress is made!

Good luck in the next year!

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I'll take one of those, lol! Or 2, lol. 3 just gets too much, lol

Damn... the speed of what things happen on this blockchain is really ramping up... 1M it's a big gift!

Cheers to that mate, and keep it up. !BEER or !WINE and feel free to drop by the pub for post-party ;)

Congrats @thelogicaldude, and happy 1 year to hivelist.

Happy Birthday Hive list.

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sorry if you got multiple mentions... I made a couple of edits...

don't worry it happens

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people been getting all pissy about that lately, figured I would ask for forgiveness upfront, LOL

I would be piss too but I am glad that you guy remember me and I feel good to be part of this community

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I so happy that i was able to see hivelist doing so well and yeah happy birthday and wish all community my happy years to come

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My personal crypto investing philosophy seems to be about to pay off some more. Find good projects, and just HODL until they are either great or showing signs of failure. This one here? This is going to be a big one for #HIVE!

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I'm glad your having fun.

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We are not good in monitoring our account @homeless-city, but we saw today a few transfers and we like to say

Thank you!

This will help us to do the next donation a bit more soon.