Thursday Rambles : Everything Hair!

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Two weeks ago, I made this hair. It was so lovely yet extremely painful. I had a difficult time sleeping. I had relocated and my new hairdresser doesn't really make my hair to my satisfaction. It's mostly always very painful and doesn't last. The cuttings are always too big.
I had to loose the hair quickly this time because it was too itchy.

I washed my hair after loosing it and I was impressed by the growth of it. It's bigger than it used to be. It's been just a year since I started growing my hair and it's natural.

I had it weaved after and honestly this one is just as painful! I love the weaves too. A new person made it for me and it turned out neat and very beautiful. I might as well try her again when next I make my hair. Pretty isn't it?





Enough of my today's rambles. Hope you all had a good day, have a good night. ❤️


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Your hair is fine oh..

Thank you!

 5 months ago  

Las las you will still cut the hair again.
Naturalist in the mud😂🤣🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

In the mud dear! Who hair help? 😂😂😂 Nothing stresses me dear.

 5 months ago  

🤣🤣😂 okay.