Final for Miss December Month Contest.

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Hello Model-Agency Community!

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Now time to select our Model of the Month for the miss December with the voting method. We have chosen 4 wonderful models over the last weeks that compete for this title. They all deserve your attention, but in the end, only one of them can succeed. Give your vote to your favorite and, with some luck, win some HiveBasicIncome shares. Don't forget to subscribe to our community (if you haven't yet) in order to win valuable prizes. Let's start

Models that won the weekly contest

No Picture Name Link









ℝ𝕦𝕝𝕖𝕤 𝕗𝕠𝕣 𝕍𝕠𝕥𝕖𝕣𝕤.
  1. Voting is done by commenting on the post with the number or the name of the model.
  2. Voting for more than one model is possible, but only in one comment.
  3. Multiple comments will disqualify the user from participation in the prize draw.
  4. Users with more than one account should only vote with one account (multi-account-voting will lead to disqualification if noticed)

W͛i͛n͛n͛i͛n͛g͛ ͛p͛r͛i͛z͛e͛s͛ ͛f͛o͛r͛ ͛m͛o͛d͛e͛l͛s͛.
  1. Contest winner will receive 5 HivebasicIncome shares (HBI).
  2. (Important Notice) To win it is required to subscribe to our Model-Agency Community to receive the price.

W͛i͛n͛n͛i͛n͛g͛ ͛p͛r͛i͛z͛e͛ ͛f͛o͛r͛ V̾o̾t̾e̾r̾.
  1. Out of all votes, one voter will be chosen as the winner using the steem Random Winner Picker
  2. Randomly selected Voter 5 HBI.
  3. (Important Notice) It is required that the author of the winning comment subscribe to our Model-Agency Community to receive the price.


  1. Voting time for every contest will be 6 days.
  2. If you are a model and interested to participate in the next round, Paste your post link in the comment section.
  3. Be aware of the next week's Contest and give your vote to your favorite model and win a chance to get 5 SBI prizes.


Vote for number 3

Glad to see the Filipino girl @marielys. You're so cute ❤️
My vote goes for number 3

My vote goes to@diamondcare

Number 2 is my vote

 2 years ago  

thanx for selecting me - i vote for No 4 ;-)

Happy to vote in this contest,my vote goes to no 2 @diamondcare

 2 years ago  

My vote goes to number 2🙌🙌🙌

Excited to vote on this contest. Nice competition. My vote is for number 3