It's a Joyous day

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Hey guys I'm nuberry, it's my first time posting here.
I've gone round the community and I like what I'm seeing here.
I've always loved modeling right from time and seeing that there's a community that appreciate modelling I'm so in.
My love for modelling gave me the drive to go into fashion designing, seeing that designing is a great tool in modelling.
I'm happy to be here and I'm so going to make great use of this opportunity. Today has been a busy day thou, but I've got something to share with you guys.




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Welcome to our community

Thank you

Welcome to da house @nuberry.
There is a community called "Faces of Hive"
that encourages Selfies. You might be interested in following that.


Thank you, I'll check it out

Welcome to this wonderful family @nuberry.

Thanks 💕

 2 years ago  

Wow wow wow
It's really nice to have you here and you look so beautiful..
Welcome 👏

Thanks babe 😘, come show me around ooo

 2 years ago  

Alright oo
Have a seat and enjoy yourself 😁