Having Fake Seizures In The Front Yard Cause A Ballsy Shroom Showed Up

in FungiFriday2 years ago

So.... Its been a while and heard there's a new community here... and to be honest y'all been missing my disastrous amazing posts. Y'all been waiting for my awesomeness to come back, so... just cause is xmas and a woman bribe me with cookies I'll post this today. #FungiFriday have a community now, look at that! @ewkaw the woman who bribe me with cookies the master expert shroom in charge of the competition and tag in hive is the human y'all should tag in your #FungiFriday posts and...eh... post from the Fungi Friday community, don't be so freaking lazy! Let's start with the shit post coolness!


What do you do when the pic is obviously a total crap? Exactly! You try to make it pretty in black and white! I totally failed but it looks better than the original one... my phone died and used an old one that clearly take the worst pictures... What did you said? My camera? Pfrrr how dare you asking for it?! Is properly getting layers and layers of dust like a good old camera should do!

I saw those balls on my front yard and thought, SHROOMS! then practiced some phone yoga, well more like retort yoga and my neighbor though I was having a seizure in the middle of my yard for 5 minutes. She didn't helped so now we know that bitch will leave me to die surrounded by shrooms if the day comes. Next time she ask for a favor I will yell at her: "You never helped me while I was in my yard having a leg cramp taking pictures of a shroom!" Yeah, cause if people doesn't help you while you look like you're being possessed by the devil then they can go to hell! Can I get an Amen to that?!


50 pics taken and that was the only one decent enough. Next week my new phone will come and I will be able to keep leaving my camera drowning in dust like a good amateur lazy photographer should do. Then I tried to fix it in the editor and I killed the poor thing... what to do when a thing cant be fix? Exactly! Burn it! DESTROY ALL EVIDENCE! No one needs to see how crappy the thing is! You start using all the crappy filters you see until it stops looking like shit... and now it looks like a stylish shit! Still shit but is stylish! Cause we all know stylish shit is better then regular plain shit!


See? Alien shrooms doing their "the human must go" dancing, and yeah I needed to go cause seriously, do you really think shrooms like to be so close with weirdos? No, they hate it! What? kaleidoscope filter? Where?! WHERE?! Those are alien shrooms, OK! And I got a fake seizure in my front yard to prove it! I survive their invasion and came with PTSD (Post Traumatic Shroom Disorder)... is a thing, I'm not making it up... just don't google it but google doesn't know all!


And just cause this is my post and I put the hell I want here's a grampa singing xmas song... without a song cause y'all big enough to have imagination and sing yourselves the thing y'all like... and that's what you say when you forgot to add a song without saying you forgot to add a song! Learn cause I won't be around forever!

ah, yeah Im supposed to write here this thing My contribution to #FungiFriday by @ewkaw

And this conclude this shit post my masterpiece post. All the things here are obviously my property cause who the hell will steal all that crap from the internet!? Only an insane human and I'm clearly very sane person!



thanks for your post lux. hope you continue on dear. Love you and God bless you.

Thanks! Have an amazing xmas!


Cause we all know stylish shit is better then regular plain shit!

Amen to that too!
And I imagine that as a nice footer 😂

Hahahaha good idea!😂

50 pics taken and that was the only one decent enough

We went to the same school of photography. I try to post at least one blurry one to keep it lively. Are you going blind? Nope but you may think you are.

Ahahaha yeah blurry pics are the best ones and you can always say you used the filter to make 'em stylish. Plus it makes people keep guessing what the heck is on the pic. 😂

Plus it makes people keep guessing what the heck is on the pic. 😂

Cool, it is a super idea for the next guessing game post 👌 ;D

Where is the game post? where?? :P

I know, I know... will come ;))

Wow, I have signed up for reading some great stuff in this new Funny Fungi Friday community ;) @ewkaw - can you rename the community hahah? One more F is a must ;)

LOL and more of it, we are lucky that can enjoy this post after your Post Traumatic Shroom Disorder ;D Stylish, the footer too ;D

I know! I still getting therapy for my PTSD and the fake seizures! Is not easy to do all those bending poses to get a pic, I ended up with pain in places I didn't knew I had! 😂

I ended up with pain in places I didn't knew I had! 😂


Amen and your footer is awesome 😄

Thanks! 😂

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Magic mushrooms?? There are many in #Sweden as well! Haha! 😉 🥦 !BBH !LOL 🥦

Because this is such an awesome post, here is a BBH Tip for you. . Keep up the fantastic work