Fungi Friday 14-Januari -2022 || Mushroom Cup (Cookeina Sulcipes)

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Hello Friends of Mushroom Lovers

Hi, friends all of us meet again this Friday, may friends all always be given good health, so that they can do various positive activities for other friends.

Today is the 3rd friday in this #fungifriday community for me this Friday has a little full spirit to hunt a wide variety of wild mushrooms that exist in some places that I have to explore in the small forest in my neighborhood.

In the environment where I live to get wild mushrooms this is a little difficult, because I live in a coastal area that is possible for some habitats the fungus is less adaptable to the environment I live in, so for today I have to explore to a village in an inland area that has enough moisture for the growth of wild mushrooms with fertile.

I had to travel a distance of about 1 hour drive from where I live, arriving at the location of this village I immediately explore some forests that I consider there is a wild mushroom habitat, it did not take long I found wild mushrooms in orange and dark yellow similar to the shape of the glass that has stalks.

To look for this mushroom I had to use google and finally I found the name of this mushroom is Mushroom Cup or in Latin (Cookeina Sulcipes) which has various colors, including orange, yellow, and white, but what I found this time is pink, orange and yellow.

Maybe a little carkulation of this fungus that has benefits and uses for the people in this rural village. Cookeina Sulcipes mushroom in Latin, is a type of cup-shaped fungus whose habitat can be found in tropical and subtropical regions on this earth. This type of mushroom can be found on branches or wood goods that have been weathered.

And according to the people in this village, this mushroom can be used as food, but I don't know how to process it so that this mushroom can become food, and some people here also use this Cookeina mushroom as bait to fish in the river, how to rub in the eyes of the fishing rod.

And here are some photos of mushroom cups (Cookeina Sulcipes) that I will show in this #fungifriday community, hopefully friends can enjoy and give their best.


Original Foto By @Dianclasher


Original Foto By @Dianclasher


Original Foto By @Dianclasher


Original Foto By @Dianclasher


Original Foto By @Dianclasher


Original Foto By @Dianclasher


Original Foto By @Dianclasher


Original Foto By @Dianclasher


Original Foto By @Dianclasher


Original Foto By @Dianclasher


Original Foto By @Dianclasher


Original Foto By @Dianclasher


Original Foto By @Dianclasher


The enthusiasm and appreciation that I would like to give specifically to the founders of this #fungifryday community especially @ewkaw who has worked hard in advancing the development of this community, so that today we can all be here in a community that has the perfect working spirit, namely #fungifriday.

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PictureCookeina Sulcipes Mushrooms
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this is a beautiful mushroom, you shot it really well 😀

I live in a coastal area

Did you try to look for mushrooms in sand?
Here some grow on dunes too and in very sandy soil.

Yes,,, I've tried it, but I haven't found it here yet @dianclasher

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