FungiFriday new community and challenge update [EN/PL]

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English version

I have been delaying this moment for a long while, but the time has finally come to do something about it.
#FungiFriday challenge has been running on the blockchain for over 4 years already without a single break. This means a new #fungifriday post every week! How cool is that?

In all these years, many things have changed and the tag has been roaming freely, not belonging to any community. But from today on, it will have its own home: The FungiFriday Community

With this new chapter, I will introduce a few changes and cool perks to make it more interesting.

FungiFriday challenge:

The FungiFriday tag has been used across the platform even before 'communities' were started. The rules below apply to everyone that wants to use #fungifriday tag.

  • when Friday comes post your own, original photo/drawing/art/food/anything-at-all of any type of fungi (yes, I will check and report stolen images or text!)
  • add #FungiFriday tag (it doesn't have to be your first tag)
  • Include My contribution to #FungiFriday by @ewkaw anywhere in your post.

The cool perks:

  • Among all the correct entries I will pick the best, most interesting, most creative posts. Those will be included in the challenge Summary Post published during the weekend.
    100% of the Summary Post payout will be split between the featured users.
    To participate in this part, the post has to be published from the The FungiFriday Community

  • Once in a while, I will throw in some extra topics/elements for the challenge to make things more interesting, so keep an eye out for the weekly post.

  • Fun member titles will be given to users that were featured in the Summary Post at least 10 times :)

    That's all.
    See you guys on Friday :)


Wersja Polska

Długo zwlekałam z decyzją, ale przyszła pora i trzeba coś z tym zrobić.
#FungiFriday challenge hula sobie po blockchainie nieprzerwanie od 4 lat. Oznacza to, że co tydzień tag #fungifriday był w użyciu. Super, co?

Przez te wszystkie lata wiele się zmieniło, a tag swobodnie wędrował, nie należąc do żadnej społeczności. Ale od dziś będzie miał swój własny dom: Społeczność FungiFriday

Wraz z wprowadzeniem community pojawiło się kilka zmian i fajnych dodatków, aby było ciekawiej.

Wyzwanie FungiFriday:

Tag FungiFriday był używany na całej platformie jeszcze przed uruchomieniem „społeczności”. Poniższe zasady dotyczą wszystkich, którzy chcą używać tagu #fungifriday.

  • gdy nadejdzie piątek opublikuj grzybowy post z własnym oryginalnym zdjęciem/rysunekm/daniem/co-tylko-chcesz (wszelkie plagiaty będą natychmiast zgłaszane!)
  • dodaj tag #FungiFriday (nie musi to być jako pierwszy tag)
  • Dodaj My contribution to #FungiFriday by @ewkaw w dowolnym miejscu swojego postu.


  • Spośród wszystkich poprawnych wpisów wybiorę najlepsze, najciekawsze, najbardziej kreatywne posty. Zostaną one wyróżnione w Podsumowaniu Wyzwania opublikowanym w weekend.
    100% nagród z powyższego podsumowania zostanie podzielone między wymienionych użytkowników.
    Ważne: aby wziąć udział w tej części, post musi zostać opublikowany w Społeczność FungiFriday

  • Od czasu do czasu będą pojawiały się dodatkowe tematy/elementy, żeby nikomu się za bardzo nie nudziło. Śledźcie zatem cotygodniowe posty.

  • Dodatkowe i super wypasione tytuły dla użytkowników, którzy pojawili się w cotygodniowym poście co najmniej 10 razy :)

    To wszystko.
    Do zobaczenia w piątek :)

brown mushrooms park.jpg

Shot with Nikon D5500 + Sigma 105mm lens
All photos, text and graphics are my own.

mushrooms footer.jpg


Super mushrooms and their photos!

Thank you :)

Exciting! (Really awesome macro fungi shots too!)

I think so too :)
(thank you!)

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 85 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

a się wreszcie Ewka wzięła i wytrzymęła 🍷

Pijemy! 🍷

Does the text in the part of "My contribution..." have to be in that format?
And if so, how do you make it look like that?

No, it doesn't have to be in that format :) It can be written normally.
I made it this format so it easier to copy without any active links, if someone wants to.

The text is written between ` to show like that.
Like this:


Hope to see your post on Friday :)

Oh, okay! Thanks!
Hopefully I don't forget to join in on Friday!

@borjan do you know this challenge? I hope you like to join it.

This sounds like fun. I have lots of fungi and fungal photos but don't know what they are. I sniff and maybe nibble, my stomach is pretty strong.

I will keep my eyes open as I see some postings and feel a little intimidated to be honest as my knowledge is low but my interest is high!

Just do not nibble on them all. Some are not nice :p

Interest is what matters. If you don't know the name - make them up :D

Whoa, that's really great news for us mushroom lovers. I can't wait to enliven this community next Friday. Thank you @ewkaw :)

cc. @abduhawab @vannour

Thanks! Great to see you here :)
Friday is gonna be definitely interesting. Cannot wait!

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Hmmm will check my folder, but I am afraid I am lacking these. Hmm luckily mold is fungus too :D

Haha you go straight for the nasty stuff!
Cool :D

Hey, don't call my Roquefort nasty :)

Ops 🙊
I already imagined old moldy walls... :p
Bring on the cheese! :D

I congratulate the new community #fungifriday hopefully this community can be the best community where to give knowledge to various mushrooms in the world.

Thank you! As long as it is fun and friendly, it's good enough :)

I will be happy to community this community. Thank you @ewkaw

Thank you my brother for giving a place to mushroom lovers.

My pleasure :) Hope to see you on Friday!

Of course my brother

Are entries about mushrooms or other foods only Friday-only or can they be shared at any time?

Thank you for this information. @ewkaw

The #fungifriday tag is to be used just on Friday. And only posts posted on that day will be valid.
You can post on other days if you want, but please do not use the challenge tag.

Thank you very much @ewkaw

I subscribed to the Fungi Friday community. I love mushrooms in all their forms (picking and cooking), so I will be happy to participate. By the way, amazing photos👍

Great to hear :)
See you around and thank you!

Sounds very interesting and challenging, I can only hope the intensity of the rain is more frequent this month so I can look for some species of mushrooms that grow naturally in the forest. :)

Fingers crossed for the rain then :)

Wow the first image is nice. the fine structures of the mushroom are really good to recognize.

Thanks! It is also one of my favorite type to shoot. They look amazing with all the black lines.

Finally, what a great news man!, I'll be happy to join the challenge of this new community... ^_^ have a great day~

Yes, it was time :) See you on Friday then!
Have a nice day as well.

Oh, and somehow missed the moment of birth of a new (or rather a very old community). Congratulations!

No worries and thank you :)
Yea the challenge is pretty old... in brand new place.

Uwielbiam fotografować grzyby... więc do piątku ;-)

O super! Do piątku :)

I przy okazji witaj na Hive. Jak masz jakieś pytania to pisz śmiało.

Great news! Makes me wanna participate in this first Friday for this community! :)

It's tomorrow ;)
Feel free to join!

Honestly I'm just coming out of meditation and was having a vision about the post :}

Funghi lovers. Beautiful Pictures!!!

Excelente tomas fotográficas .

Excelente tomas fotográficas muy buenas...

Thank you!

Sure you can. You can just write in Indonesian, or in two languages if you want. Up to you :)