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white mushrooms puddle pl 2.jpg

It is so nice to go to the forest after the rain (not during, as I did, but that is just a small detail). The air is fresh, the colours are crisp, you will likely see fewer people too, and mushrooms look like slimy jewels.

Pure delight! :D

white mushrooms puddle pl 1.jpg

The little hats were washed off from all the dust, and most bugs were hidden away. But the coolest thing is to find the larger mushrooms that tend to open so hard that the hat flips, creating little pools.

And so we have the first pool candidate - the large white one. Google persistently keeps telling me it is some Amanita, but I am not convinced. Could it be of the Russula type?

Either way, it is pretty. There were a few of them growing around in one spot. All lovely and large, with proudly exposed gills.
And filled up with rainwater :)

white mushrooms puddle pl 3.jpg

white mushrooms puddle pl 6.jpg

This perfectly round one was still undamaged. For now. They are often bitten or kicked by humans or animals passing by.
The white and green look so nice here. :)

white mushrooms puddle pl 7.jpg

And one brave spider.

white mushrooms puddle pl 4.jpg

white mushrooms puddle pl 5.jpg

And then I saw this giant. This time, I am almost sure it is a Russula. Also with a lovely dent filled with water.

red mushroom puddle pl 1.jpg

I often find the red ones munched by some creature. Sometimes there are barely any hats left.
Could it be a slug job?

red mushroom puddle pl 2.jpg

red mushroom puddle pl 3.jpg

The same type, but a smaller one with such a pretty gloss! Now I wish I had touched it. It must have been quite nice :)

red mushroom puddle pl 4.jpg

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Happy FungiFriday!

Shot with Nikon D5500 + Sigma 105mm lens
All photos, graphics and text are my own.

mushrooms footer.jpg


These mushrooms when filled with rain look like creative bird baths created by Mother Nature!

Chuckled at "slugger job" because it made me think of an Italian mobster gang hit!

Happy Friday, my friend! @ewkaw💚

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Some little critter should definitely use it as a pool Would be such a waste if they didn't :D

Have an awesome week Nina and thank you :)

The photos were spectacular for you... Very good!!

Amazing pictures! I love the red glossy russula as well.
I agree with you, just after it rains is the perfect time to go hunting for fungi and really anything plants. The air is crisp and clean, and colours pop out more,

Nicely done

Thank you!

wow... Cool, I want to swim into it, maybe it will be fun😁😄

You must be very... very tiny to do that :D

Awwwwww!!!!... I love it when you take pictures of mushrooms!!!!... BRAVO!!!

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Haha thanks! And I love taking pictures of mushrooms :D

The red one, with that gloss - even I would bite it, that is how tempting it looks like :D

What would happen later, we don't know 😂

Cherry jelly :D

We better not know.. its might not be anything fun :p

Well, cherry jelly, and now snowberries hahaha, but they all look tempting lol

What beautiful mushrooms you share.

Thank you :)

Oh my God! Such beautiful photographs, @ewkaw! That set is really amazing... Can't wait to share my humble ones... Today I'm having "one of those days" at work... Just counting the hours to get home... and relax!

Have a great weekend!

Thank you! :D It is an awesome set and most sed by me.

And here we go new week :p

Already Wednesday... The week is flying... OMG.
Enjoy the rest of the week, ewkaw!

As I told you in my previous message, the detail is important and that of the spider in front of the mushroom is very interesting. Afterwards the sticky mushroom doesn't make you want to eat it hahaha

The spider was a cool bonus, I admit :)

Love the little pools! I’m also not convinced these are Amanita’s. They look a bit too fragile for that, look at that shaky skinny leg 😂

Yea... they look like wooses :p Amanitas are not wooses :D :D

Wow! The red one's look so beautiful, I have never seen a red mushroom before. The pearly white one's looked like oysters. So pretty.

Mushrooms probably have every possible colour :D Or almost :p

Going out looking for mushrooms after the rain is great, everything looks better and the weather is cooler.
You have found beautiful specimens, spiders and slugs apparently are good company for mushrooms, they are always there
Beautiful finds, I appreciate you sharing these finds with us.
Enjoy the weekend dear friend @ewkaw

It is great. Just need waterproof boots :)
Thanks and have a great day!

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