FungiFriday Summary #4 - The first one

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And so the year begun and if I wasn't slapped by @alt3r I would have totally missed something very cool.

Yesterday was The very first #FungiFriday of the year!

There was 18 correct entries. I am telling ya, it is getting harder and harder choose just a few for this feature post. But... can we reach 20 next week?
Can we?? :p

After flipping back and forth, here are the picks:
In no particular order:

Another Horsehair Mushroom for #FungiFriday
author: @akukamaruzzaman
FungiFriday : Pink variety
author: @opick
Fungi Friday - Mushrooms in the Hand Pt. 2
author: @sketch.and.jam
Fungi Friday: The mushrooms are all dressed up and ready to party!
author: @buffalobison
FungiFriday Fan-Jelly Mushroom (Dacryopinax spathularia)
author: @abduhawab
Fungifriday : Mushroom hunting in my father's garden
author: @ipolatjeh1988
author: @mirz
FungiFriday: Adorable mushroom charm
author: @khairamuliani

Today's Special Bonus
Sponsored by @mipiano!

This part has no rules and no specific requirements.
But those 3 users earned their extra candies :)

@alt3rfor noticing it is the first FungiFriday.
@buffalobisonfor making the little guys sweat covered in salt and pepper and still making it funny
@naisfreedomfor the engagement in the comment section.

How to join #FungiFriday:

  • when Friday comes (UTC time) post your own, original photo/drawing/art/food/anything-at-all of any type of fungi (yes, I will check and report stolen images or text!)
  • add #FungiFriday tag (it doesn't have to be your first tag)
  • Include "My contribution to #FungiFriday by @ewkaw" anywhere in your post.

Among all the correct entries I will pick the best, most interesting, most creative posts. Those will be included in the challenge Summary Post published during the weekend.
100% of the Summary Post payout will be split between the featured users.
To participate in this part, the post has to be published from the FungiFriday Community.


That's all for today.
See you all next Friday!

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But... can we reach 20 next week?
Can we?? :p

I will try to give my contribution, no promises though, depends on mother nature too :)

Congrats to all who made #FungiFriday post, those that made it into this summary, and the bonus ones :))) a small prize is flying to your wallets right now 😎

Thank you very much! 🍀

You are welcome 🙃

Mother nature better cooperate :p

mother nature cooperated... looking now the product of my photo hunt and I am not so pleased anymore, aaaaaaa ;( Ok, will see what can come out until Friday. Would be the guessing game from blurry photos post 😂

Everyone has very beautiful photos!
And interesting posts!

It's a maaaaaagic slap :D

Hahha, thank you a lot @ewkaw!

Get ready for next shroom hunting, don't forget the boots!


I felt the magic! I really did :p

Hahaha that is a first class mud! <3

Crème de la crème 😂

Congratulations all featured posts, what a great entries. 🎉
I can imagine it is hard to choose @ewkaw 😉
Hope we reach 20 or more entries next #fungifriday

They were really awesome :)
It will take me even more time with 20.. but what the hell :D

I can imagine 😊
If you ever need help. Let me know, happy to help out 😉

Thank you @ewkaw for mentioning my name here..
Everyone who posts mushrooms looks really cool.

You're very welcome! Have a great week :)

Happy weekend, may you always be happy together with the people you love....😊

dumb and numb about the pink ones on the 2nd post :D

Very cool ones, aren't they? :)

so amazing!

Terimakasih @ewkaw atas penghargaan yang tak terduga ini 🤝

You're very welcome :) Keep it up! :D

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 87 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Hey @ewkaw, here is a little bit of BEER from @pixresteemer for you. Enjoy it!

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Terimakasih banyak @mipiano atas hadiah nya hari ini

Fungi Friday!!! Excellent, i must try to remember this for Friday. Have some recent Fungi shots to share 👌

 6 months ago  Reveal Comment

Your memory card is getting full already? :D :D

See you on Friday!

Hahaha, @mirz, you are awesome! You are already prepared for Friday!!! Good. 👏

I also found some mushrooms but seems that the photos are not so great when I am looking at them now...

I will see you tomorrow, that is for sure :) But will I post finally, it is still a mystery 😁

Good, you have to select from photos!! I will have to use what I have, hahahaha, OMG, I am not sure if @ewkaw would like to see that quality (not quality) post in the FungiFriday community 😂😂

Ok, she can mute me, so all good :)))))