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Hello all friends in the community, I hope you are always healthy and happy. This post is my contribution to #fungfriday by @ewkaw. May be useful...

This post is a fungus that I found growing on rotten wood and felt damp when I repaired the water network at the foot of Mount Salak. My estimate is that this fungus grows at an altitude of 750-800 meters above sea level in a humid climate.

Physically, this mushroom is the size of an adult thumb. With stems that taper upwards and petals pointing downwards. At the bottom it looks like a line that divides the petals. When I found this mushroom, it was golden yellow.

However, I did not find the right name for this mushroom. Maybe I from a community member can help with the information. Here are some pictures I share.

Thank you for your support...

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nice this mushroom, in terms of color I really like it, and you take pictures with good light.

Thank you for your support...

You're welcome

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