The beautiful world of mushrooms

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This is my contribution to #FungiFriday# hosted by @ewkaw.

Hello friends, everyone meets again on this happy Friday, and today I want to entertain friends in this beloved community with several pictures of orange mushrooms, but unfortunately I don't know the name of the mushroom. I found this mushroom next to my house growing on wood that was starting to rot. The mushroom was really very beautiful and its shape was very interesting. I was very surprised when I saw it growing simultaneously on rotten wood and ants and I didn't waste my time taking some photos to display in my post, I hope my friends like it. Better yet, let's look at some more pictures together below.

Thank you very much friends who have visited my post. I hope success is always on our side.


What a colorful mushroom, I love this beautiful colony. How great to leave your house and find something so beautiful.
Very good photographs dear friend @safriana09 thank you very much for sharing your findings
Have a great day

Yes. Thank you for visiting my post

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