Fungi Friday : Pile of Small Toadstools

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This is one of my contributions to #FungiFriday by @ewkaw hopefully I can always give my best from the previous day.


good afternoon all friends, greetings to all of us. We wish you good health and success

for today I will again try to share some photos of a collection of mushrooms that I found a few days ago when I visited one of the oil palm plantations in my area

That afternoon after I picked some palms I went back to hunt for some mushrooms growing on some of the tree trunks there, luckily I found a pile of mushrooms that were blooming and growing perfectly, there were several colors of the mushrooms, some had white and some are brown they have umbrellas so tiny.

the first one that I will share is a mushroom that is brown and I found with two sizes, some are small and some are big both look so beautiful, this mushroom is included in the mushroom species Mycena





I tried to take some focus at close range from the big mushroom


then among some of the brown mushrooms there is also a bunch of white mushrooms that have just bloomed, these mushrooms don't live long fortunately I see them while they are still thriving, these mushrooms are included in the mushroom species Oudemansiella mucida.








I also saw that there was a pile of mushrooms that had started to wilt, maybe a factor of age that had bloomed for a long time


that's one pile of mushrooms I was able to find after a few days of rainy weather in my area, and hopefully I'll be back for some mushrooms on my hunt tomorrow, I hope you like some of my shots today.

CameraPoco x3 Pro
LocationAceh, Indonesia
CategoryMacro photography

apparently you live in a very good area for the development of mushrooms dear friend @vikar, you found beautiful varieties
I appreciate you sharing with us
have a wonderful day

you are right if the weather is rainy there will definitely be a lot of mushrooms growing in my area

I won’t ask about the edibility of this mushroom, apparently these are very small mushrooms? :)

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