A wild fungus that grows crazily during the rainy season

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Hello everyone, for you photography lovers, especially in this #FungiFriday section, I want to share a little about what I found a few days before, this may seem normal but there are some of my opinions about Fungi which I will mean here.

I may be a little late to publish my post for this community, because today is just Saturday, and I should have been able to write this post a few hours ago. Let's just hope I don't get kicked in this community, (haha that's just my joke).

Previously, I really want to thank @ewkaw, always the admin for organizing this #FungiFriday community, I really appreciate it because with the community we can see various types of Fungi that exist all over the world.


Just the day before I photographed this Fungi, I saw that there were many groups of Fungi growing crazily there. However, because I still thought this Fungi would last a long time, I decided to come back the next day to get more perfect photos.

I returned to the place, and saw that the fungi were withered and almost dead, that's because the fungus had reached its maximum life span. A little disappointed by what I saw there, but not all of them withered, some of them were still growing fresh.


As you can see, they grow among old trees, and of course the trees are very humid because in my area it is currently the rainy season, so young plants can easily grow anywhere.


With the rainy season like this, I think there is a distinct advantage for the people here, including me, because almost all of the plants there give off bright colors. Some people really want rain to fall on the ground, because there are some people like farmers who really want that to happen. This is a good gift from nature. I am very grateful for this.

I took some camera shots there, and of the many photos, only a few photos that I can share here.


Below is the fungus that I mean at the beginning of the sentence, it looks very wilted, it will probably die in a few hours. Later, because this is a short-term plant.


The umbrella from Fungi was wrinkled and torn, he was very old of his kind, maybe he was about 3 or 4 days old.


Take a closer look and you can judge for yourself, I can imagine that the flesh of the previous Fungi was very healthy.


...and I also found Fungi that were still growing fresh in a damp place, I took the photo from the top, so it looks more beautiful.


What I saw at that time was a pleasure in itself, because I could still see young plants growing fresh around my place, and that's a sign that nature here (my area) still shows its beauty, and that must be maintained.

I hope my review of #FungiFriday is enough to make you entertained to see it, with various types of fungi and each has its own character in it to make you enjoy it.

Thanks to all of you, see you next time.

All the photos are original from me and the camera shots of the Vivo smartphone which has a 32Mpx sensor.

Best regards

Take care of your health and create happiness for you and those around you.




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Oh I'm sorry, that was just my little joke, and I really hope the #FungiFriday community will continue to thrive in the future.
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