Mushroom hunting under the pine tree (AGARICUS SILVATICUS)

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hello friends!! Feeling very lucky to still be given the opportunity to contribute to this community.

Looking for mushrooms is not a difficult thing for me, I don't always do it every day, but in every mushroom hunt I look for more than one material even dozens for me to store in my cellphone memory, for example like this mushroom photo, I took this mushroom for a few days ago when I was hunting mushrooms with one of my close friends, today the two of us came here not only to look for mushrooms, but we came here as well as fishing.
Looking for mushrooms that we often find in piles of pine tree leaves is very fun, because the position of the pine tree is right on the beach.

AGARICUS SILVATICUS or what is known as fish mushroom because it has scales, I often find scale mushrooms growing on piles of small twigs and piles of pine tree leaves, this mushroom will appear in summer because this mushroom growth does not require a lot of water like mushrooms in In general, this mushroom usually grows in groups with very large numbers, has a height of 4-8cm, the width of an umbrella at a young age of 5-9cm, with that size making it very easy for us to find it even though it grows in piles of leaves and twigs, when it is fresh it is the same like other mushrooms that is the morning.

Because we really wanted to taste the pleasure of these mushrooms, after taking pictures I immediately collected all the fresh leaves for us to cook. Here is also seen my friend who is also taking pictures of the mushrooms that we have not removed.

After removing some of the fresh ones I collected them on a pile of pine leaves for me to take photos again, here we took almost 2kg of fresh mushrooms for us to cook and we shared with friends who were not present on today's mushroom hunt.

This is my contribution to #fungfriday by @ewkaw

I would like to thank all the community friends who have given us a place to share our hunting photos here, this is the best place for us who love different types of mushrooms.

CameraPOCO x3 pro
LocationNorth Aceh.Indonesia

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